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Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

Birthdays are time for love, fun and cheer. Every woman wants the special persons in her life to remember this day and make it more memorable by giving her nice gifts.

Women birthday gift ideas depend on the personalities of the recipients and vary from age to age. A gift suitable for a 5-year old will definitely not be liked by a mature woman.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Women of Different Ages

Some of the most popular birthday gift ideas for women of different ages are as follows:

Women of 10

Though legally this age is considered as that of a girl, the young ladies waiting eagerly to enter the adolescence prefer to be called as “young woman”. You can give her a nice dress or ballet shoes. If she is a sporty type, you can make her smile widen by gifting a pair of roller skates or a bicycle. You can also gift her some models of modular kitchen to play “house”. Some books or DVDs/CDs of new releases also make great gifts.

Women of 21

Turning into 21 means entering adulthood and getting the license to drink. If the girl-turned-woman loves drinking, you can give her a pack of beer mugs or wine glasses. If she is not a drinker, then a gift voucher to spend a day at the spa - pampering and augmenting her physical beauty would make her really happy. You can also gift her shopping vouchers so that she can buy her favorite perfume, shoes, clothes or accessories.

Women of 30

Women of this age like to pamper themselves with fashionable clothes and accessories. You can make the lady of your life happy by buying some designer dresses. The dress and its color should complement the personality of the woman and enhance her physical beauty. You need to think what colors she usually wears. If she wears a lot of dark greens or blues, something in brown might be a wise choice. If you are confused about colors, you can be on the safe side by purchasing black or white. These two colors go almost with anything. You can also buy her designer clutches or purses to complement the attire. You can buy her attractive jewelry from departmental or online stores, without burning a hole in your pocket. Nowadays, necklaces, earrings, bracelets made of sterling silver and studded with semi-precious stones make a woman ecstatic. She will bask in admiring glances and be happy.

Women of 40

At this age, a woman likes to decorate her home and interiors with pretty and unique things. You can give her something to be hung on a wall or put in a cupboard, which would result in more admiring comments from her visitors. You have to consider her personal taste and home décor style to buy the perfect gift. The gifts could be anything from table-top picture frames to a shelf for holding CDs or DVDs. If she is fond of reading, you can gift her with a stylish reading lamp or book light.

Women of 50

A woman enters a monumental phase at this time of her life. So, this birthday should be celebrated with such elegance and grandeur that she feels that her achievements so far are well appreciated. You should look for gifts that would commemorate the times you have spent happily together. You can make her feeling stronger by taking her to an adventurous trip. You can make a scrapbook and write 50 things about her skills, and title the book as “50 Reasons That Make Me Love You More”. You can paste some pictures and make it a memorable gift for her.? If she has a great sense of humor, then a gag birthday gift like a cane or a walker or even a packet of adult diapers would make her laugh out loud. If she is fond of adventurous activities, you can buy her tickets to paragliding or sky diving.

Women of 60

At this age a woman becomes a senior. She has a lot of experiences and memories of good times up her sleeves. A gift for such a person needs to be bought with much thought and care. Instead of making it a single-day affair, you can giver her something that would last for a long time. If she drinks wine, you can present her with two bottles of vintage wine. If she is very social, you can make her a member at any local elegant club. Another out-of-the-world way would be to get a date of birth newspaper. You need to buy an entire copy of the paper and bound this heirloom in leather. You can just imagine how surprised and pleased she would be reading the current events and life on the day she was born.

Women of 80

This special woman in your life has made so much contributions that no gift could be enough to repay those. You need to buy her gift with planning and careful thought. You can gift her with a photo frame, which could be glass or wooden, as per her personality. The frame should reflect her dignity and elegance. You can take a picture of her close ones and put it in the frame. She will feel closer to the family and cherish the loving memories of the past. You can also take her on a small trip to a place she wants to visit/revisit.

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