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Buddha Gift Ideas

Buddha or 'The Enlightened One' as he is referred to as is a symbol of love, salvation and compassion to all the people all over the world. Thus presenting

somebody with this Hindu Figurines is a great idea and it forms a very good gift idea for anybody. There are various types of Buddha Gift Ideas that one can opt for to be presented to somebody and on any occasion. Be it a Laughing Buddha or a Buddha Head or Buddha with some types of postures, they form excellent Buddha Gift Ideas for families and friends.

In the Chinese culture, gifting various types of Buddha gifts is a tradition and also a fashion. Said to be quite lucky and also powerful, one can come up with various Buddha Gift Ideas to be given in a birthday, anniversary, best of luck wishes, festivals, marriage ceremony and so on. Besides, Buddha figurines also look very good as decorated items in the house. Like the Antique bronze Thai Buddha Head, though expensive forms very good gift item presented to somebody who will understand its value and worth.

One of the Unique gift ideas, there are various types of Buddha Gift Ideas one can easily come up with a little planning and thinking in advance. A wrist watch with a Buddha picture in the dial, a T-shirt with a Buddha picture, a Tapestry with a painting of Buddha, Tote Bags with Buddha embroidery on it are also quite stylish, a Set of Four Buddhist Magnets to be put on the refrigerator or some place else for decoration, Stuffed Plush Buddha toys, various types of quoted Buddha Sticker, Prayer Flags with Buddha drawn on it are some of the other types of Buddha Gift Ideas that can be given to somebody.

According to the way the Buddha is positioned, it symbolizes a different thing. The hands of Buddha have powerful symbolic meanings with the left hand denoting giving, offerings, charity, welcoming, compassion and sincerity and the raised right hand referring to protection, kindness and peace, and the quailing of fear. One of the best Buddha Gift Ideas, even the wheels on Buddha's hands stand for the eternal cycle of birth and rebirth and also the Wheel of the Buddhist law. Gifting somebody a Buddha sitting on a lotus throne symbolizes purity. The Laughing Buddha is also a common gift item given to people and it known for spreading wealth, pleasure, kindness and delight in the lives of the people. A common believe is that rubbing the Buddha's belly brings good luck and opulence.

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Hindu Figurines

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