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According to the Egyptian mythology, the word Sekhmet means the warrior goddess of Egypt. This goddess depicts a lioness, she is one of the ferocious

hunter known to the Egyptians. It was said that she created the desert with her breath. She was the messiah of the pharaohs. People strongly followed her cult and it was quite dominant that when the first pharaoh of the twelfth dynasty shifted his capital of Egypt to Memphis, the centre for her cult moved as well. The religion, the royal descendants, and the authorities to government were interconnected intricately in ancient Egypt during the time when Sekhmet was worshiped.

The early legend also says that Sekhmet was the goddess of sun. Most of her statue depict her with a sun disk and a cobra on her crown. While the former was the goddess of the similar cult in Lower Egypt. she was the warrior sun goddess and is depicted as a lioness. Sekhmet is also called "the mighty one". Sekhmet embodies the aggressive aspects of the female forms of Netjer and was also the better half of Ptah. It has been believed that the worship of Sekhmet dates back to the times of Ptah not less than several hundred years ago.

Sekhmet has been represented as a woman with the head of a lioness. She was also the daughter of the Netjer of the Sun, Ra. She has a close association with the Uraeus, Buto or Wadjyt. Usually she was known as the fire-breather or the 'Eye of Ra'. The texts at the pyramid gives an account that the King or Pharaoh was conceived by Sekhmet.

Sekhmet is one of most ancient forms of Netjer in the history of Egypt. She was the 'patron' of the physicians,priests, and healers. She is one of the mightiest of all the names of Netjer. Her Name has been taken from the Egyptian word 'Sekhem', which means "power" or "might". Sekhmet is also the other name for who is all powerful. Lions were regarded to be very powerful and frightening to the Egyptians. Sekhmet has been depicted as a lion-headed goddess characterized by the solar disk and cobra head gear. Sekhmet is one of the Egyptian figurines which symbolizes the birth,death,destruction,rebirth,sunset and wisdom. Sekhmet is usually has been created as dark skinned woman with the head of a lioness. Her eyes and hair are have the orange reddish tinch. Sekhmet represents the dark side of the Triple Goddess. Halloween was previously celebrated as the feast of Sekhmet. So this can be an excellent gift ideas for various cultures.

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