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Egyptian Cat

The ancient Egyptians held a special reverence for cats more than any culture in history. Now you can decorate your home with exquisite museum-quality

reproductions of ancient deities from the land of the Pharaohs. The ancient Egyptians considered cats to be sacred animals and associated them with the goddess Bastet. In ancient Egypt, the Egyptian cat was symbolic to the goddess Bastet. She represented the protective powers of the sun. Apart from these she was also the goddess of joy, music, and dancing. In the sacred city of Bubastis, the Egyptian cat is treated with great honor and respect.

The Egyptian cat is an exquisite piece of figurine made in Egypt by one of the Egyptian craftsman. The "Egyptian Maus" does bear a close resemblance to paintings of ancient Egyptian cats. But they are actually of Egyptian origin. The first genuine Maus was imported from the United States in the year 1956. It is said that the matriarch of the Egyptian Mau breed was a silver colored female named Baba.

The Egyptian cat is known to be quite active and one of the athletic cats which are spotted randomly by the tabby looking pattern like the wild cats, but are these are fully domesticated. In fact, the Mau is the one of those cats which have are natural pedigreed species of spotted domestic cat. The Egyptian Cat is intelligent and one of those Egyptian figurines with expressive green colored eyes and known for its slight expression of worriness.

The Egyptian Cats come in colors such as bronze, silver, and black smoke. This can be one of the gift ideas for various cultures. The Egyptian Mau breed is not only the oldest recognized cat breed in Egypt. It is believed to have been of the same breed as the oldest domesticated cat. It is one of the gift ideas for various cultures.

The role of the Egyptian cat held a significant position in the religion, mythology, and everyday lives of the Egyptian. They were known to have high degree of affection and respect for these cats. They were worshiped as deities, protected by laws, kept as pets, preserved as mummies and mourned upon their death. The original African wild cat was the first cat which was originally domesticated by the Egyptians some 4,000 years ago. In today 's scenario the Egyptian cat is the only natural looking breed of cats. The word "Mau" means "cat" in Egyptian. This impressively looking Egyptian cat fully lives up to the honors of being a perfect gift to someone special, and was a popular cat goddess of Egypt.

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