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Egyptian Figurines

The culture of ancient Egyptians has much influence in our lives today. This is the reason why Egyptian themed items are so popular. Most of the Egyptian

figurines are exclusive collection of products mainly produced in resin with finishing touches of opulent Golds and Turquoises to Stone Effects and of course the traditional Black. The Egyptian figurines are made of high quality bronze and are available in more than 50 designs.

The popular Egyptian figurines are the Bast cat, small Sarcophagus,Anubis range and Tutankhamun. These wholesale statues are available in Museum Gift Shops, New Age Shops of Egypt and any store specializing in Egyptian products. The golden Egyptian figurines signifies the importance of gold in the ancient Egyptian civilization. The Egyptian statues of regal or religious figures were made of gold with the bright blue of lapis lazuli. Most of these are used as gift items which are beautiful handmade art pieces and statues depicting the ancient Egyptian times with the Gods, Goddesses and Kings. Isis, Anubis and King Tut are some of the characters of those time, along with many other Egyptian figures.

The Egyptian figurines also include beautiful set of Egyptian gods and pharaohs. These include the Sphinx, sitting Anubis, winged Isis, Selkit, Nefertiti bust, Anubis coffin, Tutankhamun coffin, Sekhmet, sitting Pharaoh, Bast the cat goddess, Horus the falcon and Tutankhamun. Some other Egyptian Figurines include the Tutankhamun Shabti,Selkit, Female Shabti, Bastet, Thoth, walking Tutankhamun, Hathor, Horus, Osiris, Anubis, winged Maat and Tutankhamun the warrior. Most of these figurines are cast in resin and finished in gold color. Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Balance is another example of Egyptian Figurines. This Egyptian goddess is beautiful black figurine which symbolizes the Truth and Balance. The famous ostrich plume on her head depicts the delicate balance between chaos and order. This Egyptian Goddess was the daughter of Sun god Ra. The Pharaohs were devoted towards her and prayed for guidance and help in times of chaos. The figurine is usually cast in black resin

The other Egyptian figurines include the utankhamun coffin. It is a coffin made of plastic and created into the finest detail. It consists of a wonderful and natural looking mummy that can be removed from the coffin and even put on its feet. It is a great toy for little ones but also proves to be a good ornament It is molded in plastic. It is one of the gift ideas for various cultures. The Anubis Coffin is also one of the unique gift ideas with a golden finish. It is a beautiful Anubis coffin which consist of removable mummy inside. This product has three parts which is the coffin, the top with Anubis design and the mummy. This is also cast in resin while the finishing touches are in gold with inscriptions of black hieroglyphic.

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