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Gift Ideas for Thailand

Gift ideas can come good only when you know what to gift to a particular person on a special occasion.

In this world every single country has its own tradition and norms when it comes to bestowing gifts. Religious affiliation often plays a very significant role in shaping Gift ideas for Thailand. Thailand is considered to be one of the top shopping destinations in the world and many tourists who come to Thailand take back souvenirs and gift items for their relatives and friends. Within the country however, the thing that is more important is the sentiments attached to Gift ideas for Thailand. In Thailand, the major religions are Buddhism, Islam and Christianity.

Gift giving etiquettes in Thailand

There are certain etiquettes which are followed while giving gifts in Thailand. These etiquettes should be kept in mind as they determine Gift ideas for Thailand. The people of Thailand try to adhere to these etiquette while giving gifts to business partners, friends or relatives. Some of these etiquettes of gift giving are:

  • People of Thailand do accept gifts when you are invited to their house though they do not expect it. Giving a gift to your host is considered as a gesture of a gentleman, and is appreciated.
  • While giving gifts you should keep in mind that they should look attractive after they are wrapped. You can use ribbons and bows so that they appear beautiful even without opening. It enhances the sense of celebration.
  • In Thailand, gifts which are deemed appropriate are good quality chocolates, flowers and fruits.
  • Marigolds and carnations should be avoided as these are usually given during funeral ceremonies and mournings.
  • You can wrap your gifts with gold or yellow wrappers as these colors are considered as royal colors.
  • Do not wrap gifts in black, blue and green as these colors are associated with mournings and funerals.
  • If you are presenting a gift to a Chinese Thai try to use a wrapping paper which is red in color.
  • In Thailand, people do not open the gift in front of the giver. It is not very gentlemanly to open the gift in front of the giver.
  • In the country of Thailand, money is usually given as gifts in ordinance parties and occasions like weddings.

Types of Gift ideas in Thailand

Like many other countries, various gift ideas for Thailand include romantic gift ideas, birthday gift ideas, congratulatory gift ideas, get well soon gift ideas, etc.

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