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Gift Ideas for Switzerland

Very much like other European countries, Gift ideas for Switzerland also results from the gift giving trends and customs.

Switzerland Gift ideas include congratulatory gift ideas, birthday gift ideas; get well soon gift ideas, marriage gift ideas, and many other gift ideas. In Christmas, the people of the country of Switzerland give gifts to each other, like every other Christian nation. Religion plays a very important role in determining gift ideas. Gifts are given on social functions like marriage and birthdays. Gifts are made in a way that keeps in mind that they are symbols of love and affection. Gift ideas for Switzerland are controlled by the gift giving etiquettes of the country. Read on to know more about gift ideas for Switzerland and the thoughts you need to keep in mind while deciding upon the gifts.

Gift giving etiquettes in Switzerland

Though the Swiss are affectionate people, propriety is given more importance than affectionate gesture like giving gifts. But, after the initial hesitation, when a Swiss starts to like you they will keep no stone unturned in order to please you. They will shower you with gifts every now and then. The people of Switzerland can be very generous and friendly. In Switzerland, waiting till the negotiation is over is the best policy, especially in business dealings. Your contact should be the first one to initiate the gift giving process so that you can reciprocate. Gift ideas for Switzerland are quite varied and unique.

A mixed bag of gifts is ideal for various occasions. A coffee table book that tells about your hometown is a very nice gift in Switzerland. You can also present some unique artifacts of your region as gifts. On many occasions Swiss love to receive gifts like a bottle of wine, brandy or whisky. However, expensive gifts are better avoided as they might be taken as bribe.

Flowers can be a good option if you go to keep an invitation in a Swiss house. Try to avoid bringing flowers like white lilies, chrysanthemums and red roses. If you want to play safe, chocolates are your best bet. A hand written thank you note addressed to your hosts should accompany your gift.
Guides and professional interpreters favor gifts of thoughtful nature rather than receiving tips from visitors. Sharp objects like scissors, knives and cutlery should be avoided as they are symbolical of breaking an intimate bond or a friendship.

Gift recipients in Switzerland

According to the age and gender of the recipient, gift ideas for Switzerland can vary. For men, women and children, gifts are usually different. For children toys, chocolates and cards are perfect. For adults, the emotional angle is very important along with the occasion.

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