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Gift Ideas for Sri Lanka

People of different countries around the world have different ways of showing affection and love. However, the basic emotion remains the same, irrespective of your nationality and religion. Gift ideas for Sri Lanka stem from its rich cultural heritage and the bond between the people of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and the people of the country are very friendly and courteous. Gift ideas for Sri Lanka are dependent on the festivals and celebrations that the people engage themselves in. Apart from these festivals and celebrations, Sri Lankan people give gifts on occasions like birthdays, marriages, anniversaries, and other like occasions. Read on to know more about gift ideas for Sri Lanka

Gift giving etiquettes in Sri Lanka

Like every other country, gift giving etiquettes in Sri Lanka are strictly followed. The people of Sri Lanka adhere to Buddhism and Hinduism. Gift ideas for Sri Lanka emerge from the customs and rituals of these two religions. In the country of Sri Lanka, gifts are generally given at religious holidays and birthdays. The gifts that Sri Lankans give each other are not very expensive as gifts are significant not for their material value but for their symbolical value. The religious diversity of the country often determines the etiquettes of giving gifts. Some of these gift giving etiquettes are:

Try not to give flowers as gifts because in the country of Sri Lanka flowers are associated with mourning. During mourning flowers are given to the family of the deceased.

  • You should gift alcohol only if you are aware of the fact that the person whom you are giving the gift drinks. Otherwise, it is considered as bad manners.
  • Try to avoid gifts with white and black colors as these two colors are associated with funeral and mourning, respectively.
  • If you are giving a gift to a Muslim, do not give pig meat, alcohol or any meat items except halal.
  • If you are giving a gift to a Sri Lankan Hindu, avoid giving leather made gifts like belts, shoes, leather jackets, etc. Hindus considered animals sacred and for that reason, these gifts should better be avoided.
  • Giving and receiving gifts should be done by using both hands. Many Sri Lankans show graciousness by making a posture where their left hand touches their right forearm as they give a gift with their right hand.
  • Unlike many European countries, gifts are usually not opened in front of the giver. Giving and receiving gifts occur simultaneously as receiving of any gift is reciprocated by giving a gift to the giver.

Giving gifts on various occasions

Sri Lankans give gifts to each other during religious ceremonies and functions. The gifts are suited to the occasion.

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