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Gift Ideas for Spain

Gift Ideas for various Countries differ according to the custom, etiquette and culture of each country. In different countries people give gifts on various occasions, typical of a particular country.

However, giving gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, marriages and other such occasions is common in almost every country. Religion plays a very determining role in giving gifts. For instance, Christians give gifts to each other during Christmas, whereas Muslims give gifts to each other during Id. Gift Ideas for Spain is a special feature which shows the mindset of the people of Spain. Spain Gift Ideas range from birthday gift ideas to get well soon gift ideas. Gift ideas for Spain are molded by the etiquettes of giving gifts.

Gift Giving Etiquettes in Spain

Gift ideas for Spain have to conform to the etiquettes of gift giving in the country. According to Spanish tradition, companies in Spain give basket food and drink or hampers to their employees during Christmas. In day to day business activities, gifts are given when a business negotiation is successful. The companies present gifts after the negotiation is complete.

Spanish etiquettes say that when a gift is given to a person, he or she should open the gift in the presence of the giver. Usually fine quality gifts are given, wrapped in expensive wrappers. You should keep in mind that you should not be too generous while giving a gift as it may be considered as a bribe.

Local artifacts and coffee table books of your local region can be nice gifts which are capable of receiving appreciation. For the children of your colleagues, sports or University team shirts can be great gifts. If you choose a gift in a hurry, a bottle of world class brandy can just be the thing to take.

When you go to keep an invitation in a Spanish household, take desserts like pastries, chocolates, or flowers other than chrysanthemums, dahlias, red roses or white lilies.

Popular Gift items in Spain

Some of the popular traditional gift items in Spain are Sol Tapas Set, Mosaic Goblets, Cocoa Gift set, Music of Spain, Sangria Gift Set for lovers of wine, etc. Besides these, giving flowers, chocolates, accessories, jewelry are also popular gift ideas for Spain.

Other unique Spanish gift items include Lg. Lady Bell-SOL Collection, Spanish Houses: Rustic Mediterranean Style, "Lady" Bell-Giralda, "Lady" Bell-Mediterranean, Sterling Silver "Fan" Earrings, Damasquinado Fan Brooch, Triangle hand Embroidered Shawl, Basque Chef's Apron-Multicolor, Candleholder, Lg. Hand Embroidered Manton/Throw, etc.

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