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August 15, 1947 is celebrated as the Indian Independence Day.The

Indian Independence day holds an important place in the hearts of all Indians. Gifts exchanged on this day express our pride to be an Indian. India is characterized by its diverse culture. There are different cultures in the different states that exist in the country of India. It is this diverse culture in India that is responsible for the several varieties in the gift giving etiquettes that are followed in the different parts of India.

It is necessary to have a good knowledge of the culture of India, before one considers the gift ideas for India. The general ceremonies in which the exchanging of gifts takes place in India include wedding ceremonies, anniversary and birthday celebrations. Apart from this, it is also a big custom of offering gifts to a new born baby. Corporate gifts are also exchanged. It is generally seen that when one person go to attend any lunch or dinner invitation to a typical Indian family, he or she takes with him a box of sweets or candies. A box of sweets is considered to be one of the most appreciated gifts in India.

Different types of festivals, religious or social, take place all throughout the year in the different parts of India. Exchanging of clothes and sweets as gifts is customary during these religious festivals. During the festivals like Durga Puja, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi the Indian people exchanges dress and clothes among themselves. Sweets are also exchanged during all these Indian festivals. Now-a-days, other gifts are also considered as prestigious. During Dhan Teras, precious jewelry is exchanged.

Among the gifts that can be given on the occasion of anniversary include a bunch of fresh flowers. A bundle of roses is perhaps the best gift that can be given when you attend an Indian anniversary ceremony. Sari or any other dress material is always acceptable by an Indian woman as a gift. If one can afford, Jewelry can also serve as an anniversary gift in India. All the abovementioned gifts can also be given on the occasion if a marriage in India.

As birthday gifts, perfumes, dress material, soft toys, dinner set, a box of chocolate as well as flowers are acceptable. Consider the aforementioned ideas of gift for India and your friend and relatives happy by these gifts.

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