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Gift Ideas For Various Countries

Your choice of gift ideas for various countries will vary from culture to culture. What may be considered the done thing in one culture often may be a faux pas in another culture. As the importance given to gifting and the gifting protocol vary from one culture to another, it is necessary to understand how different countries view gifting. When we consider gift ideas for various countries, it is proper to classify countries and regions by the importance they place on gifting.

People gift for many reasons. They could be to build and improve personal or business relationships; promote company products, services and image; show appreciation or respect; to apologize and to congratulate, motivate or to celebrate.

Great business relationships are many a times built on close personal relationships. This is particularly true in Asian and Latin American countries.

While the tradition of gift giving may be very old, choosing a gift every time from gift ideas for various countries is always a fresh challenge. The art of gift giving requires a great degree of knowledge and personal sensitivity. A simple suggestion is not to give people items they already have. Do not go about giving tea to the Chinese, beer to the Germans, wine to the French and chocolate to the Swiss. Further, do not duplicate a gift.

Next suggestion is to choose carefully the type and cost of gift. For an example, giving an expensive gift in Australia is considered as "boasting". Similarly an inappropriate choice of gift in an Islamic country may be viewed as offensive to the family's honor. It is always in order to research the cultural do's and dont's first.

Also examine carefully the status and title of the gift receiver or your host and your relationship to the receiver. Even wrapping of gift is important. It should be your endeavor that even the best of intentions should not go awry.

There is that story recounted of Earl Mountbatten and Lady Mountbatten meeting Mahatma Gandhi before they left for Princess Elizabeth's wedding. The Mahatma told Mountbatten that he wanted to Princess Elizabeth a present, but that he had given all his possessions away. Mountbatten advised him to use his spinning wheel and spin a cloth from the yarn he had made, while stating that receiving such a gift would be like receiving the Crown Jewels. But when the gift was taken for the wedding, the Queen's grandmother, Queen Mary wrongly thought it was a loincloth and called it a most "indelicate" gift.

So there you are! Think carefully before choosing from gift ideas for various countries.

Gift Ideas For Various Countries

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