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Gift Ideas for Hong Kong

Giving of gifts is one of the extremely intricate and significant practices in Hong Kong.

It is a custom in Hong Kong that if one gets a gift from any body; him or her always makes it a point to give another gift to the giver in order to acknowledge the gift that he or she has already received. Apart from this, the people of Hong Kong always treat it to be etiquette to give and receive gifts using both the hands. Added to this, it is considered to be bad behavior to unwrap the gift before the giver. If any person unwraps a gift in front of the person who has given it, the former is considered as impatient and greedy. Thus, before suggesting gift ideas for Hong Kong, it is always necessary to keep the above mentioned etiquettes in mind.

One of the gift ideas for Hong Kong that can be considered is the giving of the several Chinese showpieces. Organizing a banquet is also considered to be extremely acceptable as a gift in Hong Kong. If anyone is invited to home, it is a custom in Hong Kong to take cookies, scotch, candies, fruits or other like gifts. At Chinese New Year, it is a custom present monetary gift to the children. Usually the monetary gift is packed in a red color envelope. Monetary gifts are also given to the nongovernmental service personnel at Chinese New Year in Hong Kong. This particular monetary gift is referred to as " hong bao". Make sure that only new bills in even amounts are given.

There are several other gifts ideas for Hong Kong that can be mentioned here. In Hong Kong things like handicraft items, jazz CDs, as well as illustrated books are also given as gifts. Belt buckles are also given as gifts in Hong Kong. Both imported and exported belt buckles are accepted. However, there are certain things that are thought to bring ill omen in Hong Kong. So these gifts are avoided. These things include clocks. Giving of Clocks as gifts are avoided because in Hong Kong clock is associated with death. Giving of blankets is also discouraged because the inhabitants of Hong Kong relates gifting blanket to diminishing in prosperity.

Look at the gift ideas for Hong Kong mentioned above and decide what you will choose as a gift while gifting anyone belonging to Hong Kong. For more information on Gift Ideas for Various Countries, browse through our site

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