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Gift Ideas for Egypt

When it comes to tell or hear about the mummy stories of Egypt, there will be many a interested tellers and listeners.

This country with a grand range of historical and mythological wonders has much to bestow upon the travelers. But when it comes to gift ideas for Egypt, you may find it difficult to think of much option. But then there is nothing to worry about. With so many online vendors and gift stores to solve your problems of sending gifts to Egypt, all your worries can be kept at bay. There are a plenty of gift ideas for Egypt no matter who you want to gift and on what occasion.

Our unique gifts ideas for Egypt for every special occasion will help you decide upon the right gift item that you can send your dear one, on that special occasion. Like any other country, Egypt has a number of festivals, and you can choose these occasions to send gifts to your friends, relatives and associates. For example on the occasion of Sham al-Naseem which is a festival of both the Muslims and Christians, is celebrated to welcome spring. On this day, you can send gift items like fresh flowers and dried or canned fish. You can also send greeting cards with "al Salamu Alaycum" written on them.

The Moulid an-Nabi festival is also a great occasion and you will find lots of gift ideas for Egypt for this day as well. Celebrated with feasts, music, sweets and lights, on this day, the best options for gifts would be sweet baskets, candies for little ones, music CDs and fancy lights as decoratives. If you are wondering what can be the Ramadan gifts for Egypt, you can go for items like religious posters, religious music CDs and VCDs and decorative lights. You can follow the same gift ideas for Egypt for the occasion of Eid-al-Fitr.

Egyptian Christmas is also celebrated in splendor in the country. For this occasion, you can opt for gifts like Christmas trees, lights, candles and candle stands, chocolates, clothes, books, toys and Christmas carol CDs.
For occasions such as birthday you can go for gifts like Egyptian statues or leather items. For art lovers you can present painted papyrus art. Canopic Jars, Scarabs and Pyramids also make for good gift ideas for Egypt. For the occasions such as weddings and anniversaries you can pick up some of the items mentioned in the last line. Besides you can also present flower bouquets, crockery set, watches and bedding sets also.

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