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Gift Ideas for China

There are many wonderful gift ideas for China. There are many kinds of mementos,unique gift ideas for your friends and relatives in China.

There are special merchandise of various kinds which include the silk of China,antiques, tea,paintings and calligraphy, Chinese medicines, jade and pearls, handicrafts which are always available in all leading stores of China and make some of the great gift ideas for China.

The gift ideas for China include Chinese Tea, Chinese alcohol, Chinese medicine and especially the arts and crafts of China and Chinese souvenirs. The authentic chopsticks made up of bamboo,Chinese memorabilia, Chinese good fortune envelopes, fortune hearts box are some of the gift ideas for China which you can even gift to your close ones who live outside China. When you want to gift your friends in China with something really unique and very special then you can gift silver plated "fortune cookie" made in China. It makes a perfect gift for sending a special message to your loved one.

One more gift ideas for China can the rich and decorative dragon and flower cinnabar bracelets which are exclusive reminiscent of popular people in the imperial court of China. These bracelets are made from an ancient art form, the creation and carving of these lacquer bracelets is an intricate process. The other gift ideas for China include Chinese calligraphy box, wishing pot of China, braided lucky bamboo,Chinese coin set, classic wheel of fortunes,China vogue blue and orange silk Tie,Chinese warrior Chess Set, Chinese Jade Bi Pendant,Chinese carry out lamps are some of the Chinese gifts which can gift to your near and dear ones.

Another gift ideas for China can the Emperor's Garden rug. This is one of the exquisite example of a Chinese design known as the Peking style of design which is quite popular gift item in China. Another popular gift ideas for various countries can be the the pearls that you will find in China. They are usually freshwater pearls bu are also cultivated in lakes and rivers in mollusks. They have an elongated shape and have a milky translucent appearance. The freshwater pearls are certainly among the most gift items in China, but other than this the sea water and south sea pearls are also make excellent gift ideas for China .When it comes to Chinese pearls, there is just no end to the semi-precious stones of China. You can add designs, such as jade and turquoise or go for inexpensive crystal and beads made of plastic can also make great gift ideas for people living in China.
Apart from all these You may go for local cultural handicrafts of China. If you patriotic, you may bring something special about China, or something special which is quite symbolic to China. Some small wooden sculptures with "Chinese" scripts,Chinese soldiers,Chinese flags, traditional dress of China make some of the gift ideas for China.

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