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Gift Ideas for Australia

Before deciding on the Gift Ideas for Australia you muist know about the culture of the country.

Generally speaking, in Australian business culture, gift-giving is not the very important unless you receive one first. Holiday cards are deemed appropriate, especially 'thank-you' cards for the year's business done. You are advised to exercise prudence in gift ideas for Australia.

Gifts are also not expected for non formal social events. But if you are invited to a home for dinner, it's okay to bring a token gift of chocolates, flowers, a bottle of wine or a home region craft. Your gift could also be a bottled or canned preserved food product from your home region. Expensive gifts are perceived as 'boastful' and a thoughtful choice is more important than the actual cost of the gift.

In recent years, in a competitive world, the trend of giving corporate gifts in Australia has evolved. Sports tickets are popular corporate gifts, with corporate boxes standard in stadiums and entertainment venues. Material goods are not common as gifts and may be seen to be an adverse reflection on honesty and integrity. Drinks are held to celebrate with clients and staff following major business successes.

Gift Ideas for Australia or Industry specific advise is:

  • Finance - Sports and entertainment tickets and golfing accessories.
  • Hospitality and Tourism - Food or accommodation packages.
  • Media and Advertising - Unique creative gifts experiences, flowers, gourmet food and wine hampers.
  • Technology - Fine dining and entertainment is common with software vendors. In the higher end companies, executive toys and electronic gifts are given to staff.
  • Other Industries - In retail, promotional gifts, vouchers and coupons. In manufacturing and transport, traditional entertainment and customized promotional products.
  • Small and Medium Enterprises: token gifts and gestures to exhibit quality services.
  • Staff - Watches, desktop accessories and recognition plaques. Adventure and holiday experiences.

On personal occasions like birthdays and weddings and retirement, the office celebrations are marked by a pooled gift from all colleagues or individual gifts from those who worked closely with gift recipient. With all the information given above you will have no problem in settling down with brilliant Gift Ideas for Australia.

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