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Gift Ideas for Africa

Gift ideas for Africa range from unique souvenirs made from bamboo to items made from forest products. Herbal products and collectibles can also be clubbed together as memorable gifts. Wrap up local food items, indigenous to every area with chocolates or wine crates. Unique Gift ideas for Africa also include masks typical to every tribe and ornaments made of animal skin and nails.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Africa

A birthday boy in Africa can expect smart dresses and interesting indoor game kits. Girls on the other hand, can enjoy smart dresses along with chic jewelry and cute soft toys. Dolls, mind games, Rubik's s cubes or musical instruments can also be regarded as fine birthday gifts .

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Africa

This anniversary, gift your wife her favorite car. You may also settle down for a bunch of roses and a diamond pendant. Women on the other hand, can present their husbands with grand leather bags, mobile phones, cuff lings, gold or platinum brooches and buttons. Designer watches, branded clothes and denims are also superb Gift Ideas for Africa.

New Year Gift Ideas for Africa

Zen dolphins, crystal show pieces, and pearl jewelry sets are ideal as New Year gifts. Men may be given designer watches, leather bags, aristocratic suitcases or even bracelets. But women may be given cosmetics, sunscreen make up kits and leather hand bags. It would also be great to include souvenirs, collectibles and handicrafts into the New Year gift collection. New Year Gift Ideas for Africa can also include rich coffee beans, chocolate boxes and aromatic candles. The elder members of the family can expect crystal bowls, smart serving utensils and wall hangers.

Festival Gift Ideas for Africa

Most of the festivals of Africa are known for their age old customs and rituals. Ideal Gift Ideas for Africa, in such occasions includes an entire range of traditional items.
With as many as thousand tribes spread all across the continent, there is no universal Gift Ideas for Africa. But most invitees would do well to remember the intrinsic culture associated with each of these festivals. For instance, in Egypt you can carry rose bouquets along with the traditional white dress. But Uganda would prefer receiving black or grey dresses during the seasonal festivals.

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