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Gift Ideas for Afghanistan

Before approaching the sensitive subject of gift ideas for Afghanistan, there is a need to understand Afghan culture and traditions. Also though Afghanistan may still be in the throes of a humanitarian crisis, the people are proud of what they are and you should devote extra time and attentions to a thoughtful choice in gift ideas for Afghanistan.

Islam is practiced by most Afghanis and has a profound influence in their personal and other spheres of life. Muslims have to pray five times a day and Friday is the Muslim holy day. In the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims must fast from dawn to dusk. Foreigners do not have to to fast but they should not smoke, chew gum or eat and drink in public.

In Afghan culture, the family is the single most important unit, is sacred and probing is a strict no-no. Honor is regarded as the reputation and worth of an individual and family with the family head male being responsible for protecting the family honor.

Before deciding on the Gift Ideas for Afghanistan you must know Afghan etiquette asks that you exercise the following:
  • Never give alcohol as a gift. But if you have had first hand drinking experiences with your host, gift it but be discreet and give it covertly.
  • When you go to an Afghan's house for tea, carry a small nicely wrapped gift of fruit, pastries or sweets.
  • Give the gift subtly, do not give it immediately. Place is discreetly near the door or where you sit which will usually be on a cushion on the floor.
  • While there is no separate protocol for wrapping gifts, green is considered good for weddings.
Gift Ideas for Afghanistan : In gift ideas for Afghanistan, like you have been told before, exercise extreme prudence. Assess how closely you know and have a relationship with the head of the family and the family members. It is always wiser to give a gift with aesthetic and functional value that the family can delight is using. You will be always remembered that way. Your choice of gift ideas for Afghanistan will vary for the urban and the rural areas. A little knowledge of the conditions they live in is a helpful thing. Some functional suggestions here are a heavy duty torch, a Petromax light or a kerosene wick or pressure stove. An aesthetic gift could also be a gilt-framed picture of the Holy Shrine of Mecca.

Gift Ideas for Afghanistan : As Afghanistan society is reeling from an economic crisis, be thoughtful in choosing inexpensive but thoughtful gifts that will convey your overwhelming concern for their well being without reflecting negatively on their honor. A small packet of vegetable seeds for an agrarian family in Bamiyan in northern Afghanistan or helpful school books for the children of a family in southern Afghanistan (where there is a high school drop out rate due to the Taliban's increased influence) may be good choices.

However, as you will be on the spot, we leave the ultimate choice to your better judgement.

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