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What are Anniversary Flowers By Year?

Flowers and romance has an inseparable combination that depicts your emotions and love to the fullest.

The fresh fragrance of flowers brings in the romance and make the anniversary more delightful. Flowers are also a great symbolic gift ideas as if someone will give you a red rose then by default its meaning is just love.
Couples, especially in Victorian era used to send different varieties of fresh flowers to communicate their message for each other.
So if your anniversary is coming close and you are looking for anniversary gift ideas then I would suggest to add the respective flowers with other gifts. Start your day with these beautiful flowers.

Different Anniversary Flowers By Year

1st Anniversary Flower : Carnation

Carnation is truly a majestically flower that symbolizes love and affection. Red carnation explicit your admiration whereas white represent purity and innocence. Give your spouse a carnation to tell him or her that “I'll never forget you”, “love you” and so on.

2nd Anniversary Flower: Lily of the Valley

Lilies are associated with devotion and humbleness and this beautiful flower also signifies the happiness.

3rd Anniversary Flower: Sunflower

Sunflowers signifies a "devout admirer” and if you will present this to your wide then that means that you are his or her true lover and fully devotee to your relationship because the Sunflower is a true follower of Sun. Daily it changes its direction with the movement of Sun. Also sunflower represents warmth, love, and enrichment.

4th Anniversary Flower: Hydrangea

Hydrangea is such a beautiful flower that you cannot stop looking at it. Its beautiful globe is filled with delicate small petals that in total symbolizes pride and thankfulness. So you must celebrate 4 years of relationship with pride and love of Hydrangea.

5th Anniversary Flower: Daisy

Yellow Daisy flowers represent gentleness, innocence and purity. It also shows your romantic future. So you can give daisy flower on your 5th anniversary displaying your present and future love.

6th Anniversary Flower: Calla

Calla is a trumpet shaped flower that has its own grace. It actually symbolizes growth and transition.

7th Anniversary Flower: Fressia

Fressia represents a faithful relationship and also it shows love's honorable character. There is a proverb saying that restlessness increases with the seventh year of marriage, but Fressia is an antidote to this. It represents faithfulness.

8th Anniversary Flower: Lilac

These heart shaped and flowers with lush green leaves are really very pretty. Lilac actually symbolizes the first feeling of your love. Hence you can recall the memories of your love's first emotions through this flower.

9th Anniversary Flower: Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise flower resembles to one of the most exotic birds in the world i.e. birds of paradise. You can show the unexpected side of your romantic life with this flower.

10th Anniversary Flower: Daffodil

Renewal and pleasure are the things that are associated with Daffodil flower. It symbolizes love and gallantry.

11th Anniversary Flower: Tulip

Show your everlasting love this anniversary with tulip flower as this is considered as one of the most romantic flowers by many. Tulip has its own elegance and grace that shows your passion for your spouse.

12th Anniversary Flower: Peony

Romance, prosperity and honor are part of Peony and you can make it a part of your 12th anniversary. It shows your happy married life and good fortune.

13th Anniversary Flower: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum represents 13th anniversary, the number that is generally associated with bad luck. Chrysanthemum in turn represents long lasting relationship with fidelity.

14th Anniversary Flower: Orchid

Pure and true affection is symbolized with Orchid. Give your spouse a message of love, affection and grace with popular cattelya orchid.

15th Anniversary Flower: Rose

There is no confusion in anyone's mind that rose depicts love. Anyone who wants to show love shows it through rose. Rose flower is one of the earliest flower known to mankind. Its exquisite and radiant appeal tells the story of your love.

20th Anniversary Flower: Aster

Aster is also known as the talisman of love where it symbolizes love, elegance and patience. It is also associated with good fortune and wisdom.

25th Anniversary Flower: Iris

25th marriage anniversary is considered as a milestone and you must do something special on this day. Iris flower shows long and happy married life with lots of promise, hope and faith.

30th Anniversary Flower: Lily

Lily again is the 30th anniversary flower that has sweet fragrance and symbolic of magnificent time of your marriage.

40th Anniversary Flower: Gladiolus

The word Gladiolus has been derived from the Latin word gladius that means “sword'. It has given this name because the shape of its leaves resembles that of sword. Recipient of this flower will come to know that he or she her pierces the heart of his or her spouse.

50th Anniversary Flower: Yellow Roses & Violets

So your half century is complete and you can celebrate this day with yellow roses and violets. Yellow roses are actually the traditional flowers for 50th anniversary as these represents inner beauty and their subtle fragrance show your eternal love for each other.

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