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Known as the "The Empress of Winter", the camellias are considered to symbolize excellence by the poets. It is one of the most beautiful flowering plants. You can gift camellias to someone special as a symbol of the perfect bonding that exists

between you two or as a wish to create an attachment that is pure and ideal. The Camellia Gift Ideas offer you a number of options for presenting camellias as gifts to different persons on different occasions. These Camellia Gift Ideas provides you with choices of offering camellias as gifts to those persons with whom you share an eternal bond.

You can gift camellia for welcoming the New Year with this enticing arrangement of camellias, Atriums and hydrangeas in a stylish rectangular vase. You can gift this is hampers also. This is also one of the best Camellia Gift Ideas for inviting the Chinese Year of the Rat. Camellias bloom commonly between autumn and late spring. The most popular species of camellia that make great Camellia Gift Ideas include Alabama's state flower, Japanese Camellia or Camellia japonica.

You can gift camellias in a very attractive manner of a bonsai to your grandparents on the Grandparents Day only as a symbol of the pure love that always in your heart for them. If you truly want to behold the pristine charm of and special grace of a beautiful camellia try to gift it particularly in December. The gorgeous blossoms and lush lustrous leaves of this Asian beauty of camellia enhance and refine the look of the homes on the holidays and all the special occasions. While gifting the camellia bonsai you can also include the humidity tray.

Valentine's Day is one of the most ideal occasions on which you can gift camellias to that very special person in your life. Bright and beautiful camellias that you would give to someone special on Valentine's Day would represent the ideal love that you two have in between.

Your choice of the camellias that would present as gifts depends on what type of camellia blooms in ant specific plant. A number of camellias feature big attractive flowers and make perfect enclosures even in the seasons when they don't bloom. Basically there are five major types of these plants - Anemone, Formal Double, Semi-double, Single and Peony. Camellias are planted throughout the whole year and thrive most successfully in limited shades. They bloom the best when placed in a north or west facing direction.

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