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Symbolic Flower Gift Ideas

Giving and receiving gifts have been parts of the tradition of many countries. Flowers are considered to be primary gifts, given on various occasions and

festivities. Giving gifts is a very symbolical gesture as gifts are symbolical of love and affection. In many societies, certain flowers are given only on mourning and funerals. In wedding ceremonies, flower bouquets are among the many popular gift items. Symbolic Flower Gift Ideas are integral to Symbolic Gift Ideas. Symbolical Flower Gift Ideas have become a very necessary part of the culture and tradition of many societies. Symbolic Flower Gift Ideas range from their association with months to various human emotions and attributes.

Association and significance of flowers and flower gifts

Every month in a calendar year is associated with a particular flower. For example, the month of January is associated with Carnatio, February with Violet, March with Jonquil, April with Sweet Pea, May with Lily of the Valley, June with Rose, July with Larkspur, August with Gladiolus, September with Aster, October with Calendula, November with Chrysanthemum and December with Narcissus. Symbolic Flower Gift Ideas often arise from these associations.

Flowers have special significance as they are related to various emotions and attributes.

  • Arum Lily signifies rebirth or transformation, Aster is considered to be the Talisman of love, Azalea signifies moderation.
  • A fanciful disposition or nature is generally associated with Begonia.
  • Red Carnation signifies admiration and white Carnation signifies pure and fervent love.
    • Red and white Chrysanthemum symbolizes love and truth, respectively.
    • Daffodils signify fresh beginning and regards, daisy symbolizes innocence and gentleness.
    • True love is symbolized by Forget-me-not.
    • Gardenia symbolizes sweetness and Globe amaranth signifies unfading love.
    • When delicate beauty is mentioned, the hibiscus flower automatically comes to our mind.
    • White and yellow jasmine symbolizes amiability and modesty, respectively.
    • Orchid is symbolical of luxury and an Ox eye Daisy symbolizes hope.
    • The rose of flower has a variety of significance. The color of the rose is the determining factor. Pink rose refers to perfect happiness, white rose stands for innocence and charm, red rose symbolizes love and desire. When someone presents a bouquet of white and red roses, it signifies unity. Rosebud stands for youth and beauty.
    • Violet stands for simplicity and modesty and Tulip signifies that the person whom the gift is given is a perfect lover.

Symbolic Flower Gift Ideas are often a product of these associations and significances. Flowers suit various occasions but you need to have a thorough knowledge of them. provides information on Symbolic Flower Gift Ideas and Symbolic Gift Ideas.

Symbolic Flower Gift Ideas

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