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Symbolic Gift Ideas

What is a Symbolic Gift?

Symbolic gift actually symbolizes something, like pink carnation symbolizes love between friends, blue color represents trust, butterflies symbolizes transformation,

red roses shows love between a couple and so on.

Symbolic gift ideas is actually a very effective gift ideas. There are various gift ideas that result from the tradition and culture of a country. Gift ideas are gestures of love and care. Symbolic Gift Ideas are not new, as gifts originally had a symbolic connotation.

A gift is a primary symbol of love and affection. Gift ideas can be congratulatory gift ideas, get well soon gift ideas, emotional gift ideas and many more. There are a number of gifts that symbolize various facets of human emotions and human sentiments. Symbolic Gift Ideas primarily comprise symbolic flower gifts ideas. Flowers are given as gifts on various occasions and festivities.

Flowers are usually associated with love and affection. However, some flowers are symbolic of mourning and funeral. So one of the best symbolic gifts around. Along with this gemstones are also great symbolic gifts.

Different Types of Symbolic Gift Ideas

Flower as Symbolic Gift Ideas

Flower Gift Ideas are most symbolic gift ideas and from ancient times it has been the customs and traditions of many societies to give flowers as gifts. Particular flowers are associated with particular months.

These flowers are:

January Carnation
February Violet
March Jonquil
April Sweet Pea
May Lily of the Valley
June Rose
July Larkspur
August Gladiolus
September Aster
October Calendula
November Chrysanthemum
December Narcissus

The symbolic significance associated with some of flowers is:

Flower Symbolism

Arum Lily Rebirth
Aster Talisman of love
Azalea Moderation
Begonia A fanciful disposition
Red Carnation Admiration
White Carnation Pure and ardent love
Red Chrysanthemum Love
White Chrysanthemum Truth
Dianthus Symbolic gift representing affection
Ivy This flower is associated with marriage and fidelity
Pink Carnation Symbolic gift showing love between friends
Amaryllis Symbolic gift showing success after struggle. It is generally given in acknowledgment of a job well done
Camellia Symbolizes deep longing in the heart for your lover. Give this as a secret admirer.
Daffodil Faith, honesty and forgiveness are associated with this flower. It can be given as a symbolic gift when you want to forgive somebody or as a token of appreciation.
Dahlia This flower compliments the wild side of the personality and can be given as symbol of travel, warning signs, change and so on.
Lily These are spiritually advanced flower that act as a symbolic gift. It can be given to the new mothers, and bride-to-be.
Pansy Pansy is the flower of remembrance.
Rose Symbolic meaning of rose changes with its color. Red rose is for love, yellow rose is for friendship, pink rose is for thank you, orange roses like yellow ones are for friendship and white rose is for purity and true love. Flowers can be used as a symbolic gifts for friends, lovers, mom, dad or any other relationship.
Almond Blossom symbolizes hope

However, symbolism of certain flowers may vary according to customs of various countries. In many countries, chrysanthemum is associated with mourning and funeral.?

Symbolic Gift Ideas for Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary Gifts too have symbolic connotations. Special traditional and modern anniversary gifts are associated with each anniversary year of a marriage. For instance, at a person's first marriage anniversary, paper is considered to be a traditional gift and clocks are given as modern anniversary gifts. However, gold gifts, which are associated with fiftieth anniversary, are deemed as traditional as well as contemporary gifts.

1st Anniversary - Paper traditional gift and clocks modern symbolic gift ideas

2nd Anniversary - Traditional gift is cotton as it symbolizes durability and versatility whereas modern gift is china. Fine china represent beauty and quality of marriage.

3rd Anniversary - Traditional is leather and modern is crystal or glass

4th Anniversary - Topaz is the symbolic representation of 4th marriage anniversary. Along with this silk tie again represent 4th anniversary.

5th Anniversary - Traditional is wood and modern is silverware

10th Anniversary - Traditional is tin/aluminum and modern is diamond jewelry

25th Anniversary - Silver is both the traditional and modern symbolic gift for 25th anniversary

50th Anniversary - Gold is both the traditional and modern symbolic gift for 50th anniversary

Check the complete list of traditional and modern wedding anniversary symbols.

Symbolic Gift Ideas for Women

Symbolic gift ideas for women is highly searched item, especially the jewelry as when you talk about women gift ideas then for sure jewelry is the most important option. So any kind of jewelry like bracelet, ring, necklace or pendant can be your symbol of love.

Flowers have their own language and symbolic representation. You can give your woman a symbolic flowers. Selection of flower will depend upon the occasion on which you are giving the gift. Floriography is the symbolic language of flowers which is used to communicate different meanings.

Then you can also give her some religious symbols. Then the more common symbolic gift ideas for women include books, quotes, pictures of you two or your family showing a bond of love.

Symbolic Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are special occasion that demand for symbolic gift ideas. You must choose the gift according to the number of years. Flowers are the best symbolic representation of your emotions. Then you can buy birth specific and year specific gemstones. Jewelry is another very nice symbolic birthday gift idea.

More Symbolic Gift ideas

Every color has its own symbolic significance. White signifies innocence, black means dignity, light green refers to brilliance, bright blue is associated with friendship, purple signifies power and wisdom, orange symbolizes intelligence, red is the color of life and love, pink signifies devotion, and light yellow means vivacity.

There are many people who love receiving pets as gifts. Animals too have special significance. Cat symbolizes good luck, dog symbolizes friendship and loyalty, fish is symbolical of fertility, frog symbolizes patience, hen is symbolical of domesticity, and lamb is symbolical of peace and love.

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