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Wedding Reception Gift Ideas

Wedding gifts are very special as they are tokens of blessings and best wishes for the newly married couples. Hence they deserve to be unique. Our website presents some wedding reception gift ideas, which will help you to select your gift.

While buying wedding gifts take a notice of certain factors. First keep in mind for whom you are buying a gift. Remember wedding gifts for relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues usually differ. Also try to buy something which best suits your budget. The best wedding reception gift ideas is to buy something which the couple can keep for a long time.

Have you been invited to a wedding and wondering what to give? Instead of buying a common present, you can choose one from the following exclusive wedding reception gift ideas and make the newly wed couple feel about your love and affection for them.

Wedding Gift Ideas

Some of the best wedding gifts would be as follows:

Sports Equipment:

If the bride and groom is quite passionate about sports and always want to keep themselves fit and healthy, you can give them some sports equipments as wedding reception gift. As per their interest in the type of sports, you can gift them with surfboards, bowling ball, racquets, golf clubs, and such other things. It would be better to get a matching set of sport gears so that the newly wed couple can play with each other.

Interior Decoration:

While entering into a new life, a couple has many dreams in their eyes to have the best interior décor for their home. However, with new kind of financial responsibilities, it is not always possible to buy all the desirable objects. You can help them, by giving beautiful wall hangings, pictures or any decorative show piece. You can talk to them about their home interior theme, wall color and give gifts accordingly. The gifts should complement the interior style and aesthetic of the house. If you are not too sure about the style, then giving unique items like a framed painting of Salvador Dali would do fine.


You can ignite the romance between the newly married couple by gifting them with a hammock. During the cool summer nights, the couple would have an opportunity to swing together and relax in each other’s arms. The couple would surely appreciate this gift and make a special place in their hearts for you.

Cabin Rental:

Apart from the honeymoon getaway, you can give another opportunity to the romantic couple for spending some days in an exotic location. You can rent a cabin on a mountainside or beside a lake, which is accessible by road from their residence. If there is any scope of recreational activities near the cabin, you can add that package as well. The couple would really appreciate this gift of spending some days in each other’s arms, far away from the daily hectic life.


If you cannot think of any other gift, giving cash to the newly wed couple would also be a good idea. With the cash the couple could do anything like, taking a trip or buying anything for their home, going out to dine, paying bills, and such other things.

Gift Cards:

Apart from giving cash, you can also give gift cards to the newly wed couple. The gift cards could be from a plush restaurant near their place or a spa center. It could also be from a departmental store or a nearby resort.

Theater/Concert Ticket:

If the couple is fond of ballet or any kind of opera, you can make them happy by giving tickets to the symphony, opera, theater or ballet. Even if there is some local festival or carnival going around, you can give them the tickets to the show and receive a wide smile in return.

The gifts should convey the thought, love, affection you feel for the bride and groom. The gifts need not be too expensive. It’s the thought that counts after all. Even if you have a tight budget, you can make them pleased by giving two tickets to the movie or cooking a dish for them. You can bake a cake or pie for them and present it with a single, long stemmed rose. You can add a handwritten note as well. These simple but exclusive things also would convey your feeling and make them cherish the love in their hearts forever.


You can buy an exclusive piece of jewelry if you are attending a close relatives marriage. No wedding gift is more precious that a diamond pendant or ring. You can also give some traditional gold jewelry to the bride. A simple and sophisticated pearl set is an appropriate wedding gift for friends as well as for relatives.

Special Gown for Bride

You can design a special gown for the bride which she can wear in the post marriage occasions. If you are attending an Indian wedding you can gift a sari designed by you.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are equally popular as wedding gifts. Present a dinner set or a tea set or even a cutlery set. Microwave, oven proof bowls, knife sets, a complete set of cooking utensils are also popular and useful gift items for the newly married couple. Special coasters are available where the couple can insert their photographs. Such unusual gifts are highly adorable.

More Gift Ideas for Wedding Reception

  • You can present a set of wristwatch for the bride and the groom.
  • Showpieces are the most common wedding gifts.
  • If the bride or the groom has a fascination for painting then present them a nice painting with which they can decorate the walls of the living room. If you can paint then you can present them a painting exclusively made by you.
  • Nowadays scented candles occupy a prominent position among the wedding reception gift ideas. You can present colorful perfumed candles with a designer holder.
  • Flowers and cards are common wedding gifts. If you are thinking of presenting a bunch of fresh flowers then arrange them in a porcelain or crystal vase. The gift is sure to draw the attention of the recipient. Instead of buying a card from the popular gift shop try to prepare a card on your own and give an impressive quotation along with your best wishes.

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