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Wedding Party Gift Ideas

The wedding day has a great importance in the life of everybody. After the wedding ceremony is over, the couple joins the wedding party along with the other guests invited there.

The guests including the relatives of the groom and the bride bring some gifts for the newly wed couple. The wedding party is thrown in honor of the couple and they are showered with gifts and good wishes by their friends and family.

Are you feeling proud and honored getting invited to the upcoming wedding party? It is truly a special privilege for being included in the ceremony and be considered as one of the near and dear associates. However, your presents need to reflect the love and affection you have for the bride and groom as well. These unique and attractive wedding party gift ideas would create wonder in the newly-weds’ minds and be treasured for a long time.

Gift Ideas for Wedding Party

Some of the great wedding party gift ideas are as follows:

Adventurous Gifts:

Instead of thinking of the common traditional gift items, you can make their first step into the married life adventurous and exciting. You can give them some experience gathering recreational activities packages that involves wine tasting, bungee jumping, dining out, paintball, wind surfing, paragliding, water surfing, and so on.

Personalized Gifts:

You can make the marriage ceremony memorable by giving personalized gift items. The items could be of a wide variety, ranging from pens to wine glass sets, hip flasks, glassware, dinner set, and such other things. You can engrave the couple’s names on the items and make those look more attractive.

Spa Package:

The bride would definitely want to look beautiful and healthy in the eyes of her beloved hubby. So, you can make her happy by gifting a spa package for a year. She would remain ever grateful to you every time she steps out of the spa center looking rejuvenated and refreshed. She would love walking down the streets with her head held high and getting admiring glances from the passers-by.

Elegant Jewelry:

You can make the bride and groom experience euphoria by giving some stylish and elegant looking jewelry pieces. You can buy some sterling silver earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, nose rings, and such other things. These jewelry pieces come in gorgeous sterling silver studded with semi precious stones. You can buy tie-pins or cuff links for the groom. You can get these pieces customized as well by engraving their names on the pieces. The newly wed couple would really love to flaunt these things amongst their social circle and bask in admiring glances.


Though cash seems a bit impersonal, in the practical world it makes a lot of sense. When starting a new life full of new financial responsibilities, this is the thing needed most by any newly married couple. Right from the wedding arrangement to reception party, photographer, caterer, thank you gifts- the expenditure soars sky high. They will be relieved to receive some cash gifts in the midst of such financial strain. They can also save up this cash for some future plans like going to Europe for a trip, buying a new car or house, and such other things. You can give the cash in an envelope or a money-box and wrap it with glossy paper. You can make it look funnier by putting the cash inside a piggy bank and gifting it to the bride.

Honeymoon Assistance Gift:

If you are really close to the couple then funding for their honeymoon getaway would definitely be a great idea. You can talk to them and find out their preferred destination. You can make room reservations in a luxury hotel and pay for some local sightseeing and recreational activities as well. While spending romantic moments in each other’s arms amongst elegant and serene surroundings, they would surely remember you and thank for the awesome gift.

Travel Getaway:

Apart from the honeymoon getaway, you can also think of some touring gift for the newly wed couple. During the later part of the first year, you can gift them with a romantic getaway to some exotic locations. They will truly appreciate this gift, as the first year would really be a challenge for them with new responsibilities and stress. So, you can bring a new meaning into the hectic life by giving them a scope for spending some romantic days in each other’s arms, away from all the daily hustle and bustle.

His n Her Gift:

You can ignite the romance between the bride and groom by giving some matching ‘His n Her’ gifts. You can give some Turkish bathrobe or towels to them. These gifts would surely be appreciated by both of them. You can get these plush bathrobes in a wide range of colors, starting from red to purple, beige, white, green, yellow and blue. You can know their individual sizes and buy accordingly. You can make the towels or robes look more attractive by embroidering their names or initials on the things. You can also go for some designer hooded bathrobes and create magic in the hearts of the newly weds.

These unique and exclusive wedding gifts would surely create a special place for you in the hearts if the newly weds.?


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