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Wedding Thank You Gift Ideas

Though your marriage is not going to be a Royal British wedding to bring the city to a standstill and make the headline on the following day’s newspaper, it sure would create an expectation of something unique and exclusive in the minds of the attendees.

If you want this most significant event of your life to be remembered and cherished by your guests as well, you need to think of some exclusive wedding thank you gift ideas.

Wedding Thank You Gift Ideas

This list of wedding thank you gift ideas would surely make your marriage ceremony something to be remembered for a long time. Some of the wedding thank you gifts are as follows:

Spa Package:

You can give your bridesmaids a gift of spa package and see the wide smiles on their faces. Every girl wants to look healthy and beautiful A spa package would certainly rejuvenate her body and refresh her looks. She would remember you fondly for this awesome gift. You can even give this gift on the second marriage.

Theater Tickets:

If the bridesmaid or the best man is fond of music and drama, you can make him or her pleased by gifting two tickets to the theater or concert. The person receiving such gift would certainly think of you as a woman of higher tastes.

Soft Toys:

If your bridesmaid is really young, you can make her happy and ecstatic by gifting a teddy bear or a Barbie doll set. She would be impressed by the gift and you will create an impressive position in her mind forever.

Wine Glasses:

You can make the best man happy by presenting a set of exquisite wine glasses or shot glasses. You can also opt for a hip flask. To make the gifts more exclusive you can make these personalized by engraving their names on the hip flask or at the bottom of the glasses.

Thank You Balloons and Chocolates:

A lot of people contribute to make your wedding day special and successful. You can make it memorable for them, especially those who are in charge of the reception and catering, by gifting them chocolates and thank you balloons. They will really have a pleasant surprise in getting such gifts from the bride herself!

Small Personalized Items: You can make the groom’s attendants happy by giving small but memorable gifts like crystal paper weight, silver key chains, silver or bronze accessory box, pocket knife made of sterling silver, pen set, pen holder, money clip, and so on. You can personalize these things by engraving each person’s name on the items and making them more exclusive.

Jewelry/Crystal Decorative Items:

You can give the bride’s attendants some small pieces of jewelry made of sterling silver and studded with semi precious stones. These could be anything ranging from earrings, bracelets, rings, and so on. You can also go for small crystal vases or box to keep the jewelry pieces, crystal picture frame, crystal clock, crystal ring holder, crystal memento with the thank you notes engraved. These small but exclusive gifts would certainly make a mark on their hearts.

Gift Basket:

One great wedding gift ideas consist of giving a basket full of goodies. You can make your parents happy by giving them a huge wedding gift basket. It could contain some goodies like cookies, frozen desserts, chocolates. As you know the likes and dislikes of your parents the best, you can also make some delicacies for them and add it in the middle. The gift would show your thought and care for them and make the parents happy and proud of you.

All these wedding thank you gifts would reflect the care and affection you have for your friends, families and the guests. The gifts would surely touch their hearts and make you remember forever.

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