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Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding ceremony is an important event of one’s life. The couple, family, and friends cherish it forever.

Every little thing is taken care of to make one’s wedding a memorable one. There are universal wedding gift ideas to spice up your life. Gifts for weddings are well-conceived and thoughtful ones. It might be the best day of your friend’s life or someone close to you. The thought behind any gift matters just like the gift itself. You cannot just drop in to buy anything that pleases you. The gift should suit the occasion, meet the purpose, and be appealing for the ceremony. In contemporary times, there are diverse wedding gifts available in the markets, malls, and showrooms. You can also be little creative and make something for the couple yourself.

About Wedding Gift Ideas

If you are planning for wedding gifts, decide the age of the couple and the relation you have with them. Wedding gift ideas can be formal, informal, and creative. There are formal wedding gift ideas that you will think upon for an office colleague or your boss. On a friend’s wedding, it can be something that he or she likes, home appliances, shopping coupons, spa getaway, salon ticket, honeymoon package, or jewelry. With variety of options, getting the perfect gift for your near ones has become easier. Another important factor while choosing the gift is the budget. You have to make the most from the amount you have saved.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Couple

Make the day even more eventful for the couple by gifting them unique gifts. It would take them by surprise to receive something that they have not thought of. Honeymoon ticket, beauty salon package, candle night dinner coupon, or their favorite champagne and wine brand.

Honeymoon Package

This is one of the unique contemporary gifts that are given my parents on their daughter’s wedding and by friends. With travel sites and booking agencies flooding the internet, booking a honeymoon package is no more difficult. You can either get an all-inclusive honeymoon package for the newly weds or get a special trip package excluding accommodation. Book a grand hotel for them to spend their first night. It will be a memorable experience for the couple. They will be excited to go on an unplanned trip to a foreign land just after their wedding bliss.

Spa Package

There are several hotels and island resorts across the world that specializes in spa treatments. These hotels have exclusive spa packages for guests and non-guests. For the couple friend you can get a package to relax on their honeymoon. After all the wedding hassles, they can finally relax at some of the exotic places on earth. From massages to skin treatments, they would enjoy the privacy and relaxation.


At any time and moment, jewelry is a woman’s best friend. Diamond, ruby, jade, and pearl are among the hottest buys during the marriage season. You can purchase various other costume jewelry sets. Costume jewelry with stone settings is a rage in contemporary times. The jewelry sets often come in attractive boxes and small bags ideal for a gift.

Home Appliances

This is a need-based gift that you can gift to a relative, friend, and your sibling. There are kitchenwares, cutlery sets, cookery items, and home decors. If the newly weds are planning to shift to a flat or town, these items would be of immense help to them. There are also electronic home appliances like mixer, juicer, coffee maker, and toaster that make excellent wedding gift items.


There are exclusive and reasonable watches for couples sold in the market. They are packed in a single case yet sports two different watches for the bride and the bridegroom.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Husband

Gifts ideas not alone involve the invitees but the bride and her bridegroom. They want to make this day even more memorable by exchanging token of love in the way of gifts. The bride thinks of unique wedding gift ideas for her husband that would add the last thrilling moment for the day. Below given are some of the personalized gift items to gift your husband on the wedding night.

  • Perfume
  • Ring
  • Suit
  • Watches
  • Sunglasses
  • Sports wear
  • Camera
  • Motorcycle iphone
  • ipad

Wedding Gift Ideas for Wife

Wedding is another day where you see your bride dressed in gorgeous dress and accessories. Yet, your small gift would make her day. Other than the wedding ring, there are other things to present her. Show your love with a cute dress for honeymoon, get her a beauty salon package for the next day, or a bike. Popular buys for gifting wife include the following:

  • Jewelry
  • Rings
  • Honeymoon dress
  • Jewelry box
  • Beauty products
  • Make-up kit
  • Designer wears
  • Bike Comb set
Wedding Gift Ideas

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