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Wedding Guest Gift Ideas

On a special and auspicious occasion of a wedding it is the norm to invite guests. Traditionally guests were invited to bless the couple and extend their good wishes for their life together.

Today the guests may be invited to include in your happiness, but how about a token of appreciation for attending your wedding? There are a lot of Wedding Guest Gift Ideas that you can consider.

Wedding Gift Ideas for Guests


A memento or reminder, a token of appreciation to the guests who took the trouble to attend your wedding. Wedding Guest Gift Ideas are a special touch that you can add to your wedding celebration. You can select a seasonal theme for these wedding favors. For instance if your wedding is taking place in the winter then you can present a winter flake tape measure. Handy, these things can be stored in the purse as a reminder of your gratitude for attending the wedding.

Are you getting married on the beach? Then you can present guests with a token of appreciation that reflects the beach theme. Small favor tins in shell or sand motifs are a great favorite. Include a sea shell or a piece of chocolate to add a special touch. Sailboat or shell candle stand, shell placard holders, bottle stoppers shaped like a beach ball or a sailboat, chocolates or candies with beach chair or palm tree motifs and the name of the couple are some great beach Wedding Guest Gift Ideas.

Thank You Notes

Express your appreciation through innovative thank you notes. You can get your names imprinted and a verse says it all. Simple motifs on thank you note with "thank you" written on it are quiet popular wedding guest gifts. Offering these notes with a rose or a flower of your choice is a simple and personalized way of saying thank you.

Miniature Wedding Bells

Another popular wedding keepsake for guests are miniature wedding bells. Bells with a dolphin handle, a golden bell, heart shaped handles are various designs that you can choose from. Pens, napkins, key chains, ribbons, bookmarks, bottle stoppers, soaps, chocolates are some other Wedding Guest Gift Ideas.

You can personalize each of these with your names printed or carved around each. Cultural wedding tokens are also available that include a symbol of the religion or culture. For instance in a Christian wedding bells with a cross dangling from the handle or in a oriental wedding you can give away a pair of chopsticks. Swastika motifs on coasters are a popular Hindu wedding favor.

Creative Gift Box:

You can give the guest small boxes filled with essential items like soaps, shower gels, deodorants, lotions, bath salts, and such other things. If you like you can include chocolates and cookies as well. You can stretch your imagination and add whatever goods you like.

Tote Bag:

You can give your guests a tote bag and fill it with craft items. You can include anything you like. Some small pieces of memento with some loving lines would also do fine. You can also include some crystal toys or glass mementos in the bag.

Customized Jewelry:

You can complement the beauty and grace of your gusts by presenting them with some exquisite customized jewelry pieces. You can get beautiful lockets, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, trinket box sets, pendants, nose rings, and such other things. You can get affordable jewelry pieces made of sterling silver and studded with semi precious stones. These are available at quite affordable prices. You can also purchase Tiffany rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Personalized Wine Bottle:

If you are quite comfortable to extend your budget a little bit, you can give a pleasant surprise to the guests by presenting them with personalized wine bottles. You can also add a hand written note along with the bottle. Your guest will definitely like this awesome gift.

Engraved Glasses:

Engraved glasses make delightful personalized gifts. You can select elegant and stylish looking glasses and engrave the names of your guests on each. You can do a bit of research before buying this gift. You need to know about the guests’ likes and dislikes. If someone is fond of drinking, you can give him or her engraved wine glass. Again, if you know some people particularly fond of drinking vodka, you can go for some vodka glasses. Though this would take a lot of time, but you will definitely feel rewarded seeing the wide smiles on your guests’ faces.

Gifts for Parents:

Since the beginning of your life these are the people who have spent many sleepless nights, invested their money and left no stone unturned to turn you into a successful adult. Your gifts for them need not be too expensive, but should convey the emotion you have for them. You can give them small gift baskets like, a gourmet basket containing your mom and dad’s favorite goodies. You can also give your mom a beautiful picture or showpiece to add style to her interior décor. On the other hand, your dad will remain happy with a personalized silver pen or a mug. You should think of the same gifts for your in-laws as well.

Gifts for Sisters/Brothers:

You can offer your brothers and sisters some gifts that would be needed in their hobbies. If your brother is fond of games, you can give him a baseball bat or glove. You can bring a wide smile on your sister’s face by giving her some small items of cosmetics like lipstick, mascara, lip liner, eye liner, rouge, face powder, and so on. You can put these things in a little bag and give it. Other than these, you can also think of their individual likes and dislikes in selecting the gifts.

Gifts for Bridesmaid:

Though the bride will definitely steal the show by being the most glamorous lady of the day, the people who contribute a lot as bridesmaid should not be forgotten. You need to show your gratitude for the role in preparing the bride and the support she gives by leading the bride up to the eventful day. As you know these people personally, you can get some thing that would please them a lot. It could be a beautiful dress, a designer bag or even exquisite shoes as well. You can personalize the gift by engraving their names and making them happier.

Gifts for the Best Man:

You can give personalized men apparel or accessories to the best man. You need to show him your love and thanks for his support. You can buy him a shirt or a jacket of his favorite brand or color. You can also embroider his initials on it and make it look more elegant. You can buy him some accessories like belt, designer shoes, wallet, tie-pins, cuff links, and such other things. All these gifts would reflect how much you appreciate his support and make him glad.

While selecting or buying the gifts you should give thought to their individual personality, taste, style, likes, dislikes, and hobby. If someone is an avid reader, you can gift a book and make him or her happy. Again, if someone is fond of music, you can bring a smile on the face by presenting him with some recently released DVDs or CDs. If someone is fond of adventurous activities, you can gift him or her with a package to hiking, trekking or biking trip. If your sister or a close friend is very much health conscious, you can make her happy with a spa or beauty package. These things do not cost much, but will definitely bring a rejuvenating change on your sister, making her look beautiful. Your guests will remember your affectionate gifts and cherish this significant for a long time. Seeing them happy you will also feel glad.

Small candle holders, notepads with a seasonal picture theme, book marks depicting the season of wedding, bottle opener engraved with a symbol of the season along with your name, snowmen candle, pine or mint scented soaps are some seasonal Wedding Guest Gift Ideas that you can consider.

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