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Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you are planning to buy an exclusive wedding gift for your friend, then buy a beautiful gift wrapper with it as it will show your efforts and at the same time you can make it more personalized.

A knowledge on wedding gift wrapping ideas will help you to make your gift more special and attractive. Wedding are the most memorable occasion in one's life. Hence wedding gifts deserve to be a special one. So you have to be quite careful while selecting wedding gifts for the bride and groom. But an expensive or unusual gift is not enough. Remember presentation matters a lot these days. So wrap up your special gift with an attractive wrapper, without which the gift loses much of its charm. You can recipients' favorite color while wrapping the gift.

Attractive and Unique Wrapping Material

Leave aside the usual gift wrapping paper. Instead of this use the unusual gift wrapping paper. Like for kids you can use cartoon images or newspaper sheet having cartoons on it, for travel lover use map, for fashion conscious person use paper from fashion magazine and so on. Comic books, magazines, telephone books can be your target for the gift wrapping ideas. Then you have the option to pick aluminum foil, decorative crepe paper, brown craft paper, paper napkins that can also be used to wrap gifts. In addition to paper, you can also use different kinds of fabric for the same. Satin, organza, net and chiffon are particularly popular for the gift wrapping. You can also beautify it with laces, fancy buckles, murals or decorative items.

Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas

Wedding Gift Wrap in White Paper

Wrapping the gift in white wrapping papers is one popular wedding gift wrapping ideas prevalent in many countries. The special gift wrapped in white paper goes perfectly with the white wedding gown of the bride. You can also attach floral ornamentation on the white wrapper or give your best wishes written with a colored or glittering pen.

Give the gift a curtaining with old white net. For this wrap your gift in white wrapping paper and then cover it with white net. You can pick the color you want. This gift wrapping ideas looks so awesome.

Match Wrapper with the Season

If possible try to match your wrapper with the season in which the marriage or the reception is taking place. For example in winter you can use a silver paper with a colorful ribbon on it. A snowflake embellishment is sure to attract the attention of all. If you are to attend a summer wedding then you can wrap up your gift with a pink paper. Just make a bow with a pink ribbon and place a pink rose. Such presentation is enough to bring a smile on the face of the recipient.

Match Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas with Culture

Different countries possess different wedding gift wrapping ideas. Most of the time the wrapping ideas are associated with the culture of particular country. Italians prefer to present a rose with the wedding gift as it symbolizes love, passion and happiness. Chinese people love to wrap their wedding gifts in red as this color is considered to be auspicious in Chinese marriages.

Gift Wrapping with Decorative Items and Embellishment

If you are working on theme based gift wrapping then you can add decorative items and embellishments. On baby gift you can paste a small rattle or baby toy.

For bridal or wedding gift add wedding bells.

Christmas gift wrap can be made more beautiful by adding christmas bells, candies or small ornaments.

Gift Wrapping Ideas with Ribbons and Bows

Gifts wrapping with ribbon and bows is not a new thing. You can create a fascinating effect by coordinating the color and type of ribbon. Use raffia and twine if your gift has no feminine item. Satin is especially cool with feminine gifts. Along with this you can also use sheer organza, or grosgrain ribbon for the same. If you wan to make a structured-type bow then use ribbon with wire.

Cello Bags

If you want to make your gift dust free and easy to transport then you can use the Cello Bags. Although cello bags are generally used for wrapping potted plants but you can also use this to wrap gift baskets. At the same time these are the best for unusual gifts. Cello bags are available in many colors, and designs.

More Wedding Gift Wrapping Ideas

Be careful while selecting the gift wrappers for wedding. See that the wrappers are in accordance with the gift. In Indian marriages, people try to make a special design with gorgeous saris. Colored or white cellophane will be an appropriate wrapper in such cases. You can also enfold the gift in color tissue, sparkle tissue, printed tissue and neon tissue, which are available in wide range of colors. Foil gift wrap, metallic tissue, kraft paper, crepe and ribbon paper can also be commonly used for the purpose. If you are still undecided about the wrapping then you can consult with the gift shops where plenty of such wrappers are available. They will provide you with exclusive wedding gift wrapping ideas.

With the use of metallic pen write short wedding note.

On a gift wrap you can also tie artificial flowers.

To make the gift wrap more personalized paste the photographs of bride and bridegroom with you. This is one of the fantastic wedding gift wrapping ideas.

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