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Wedding Gift Ideas For Parents

Are you getting married soon and wondering how to thank your parents for all their contribution in raising you into such a fine adult?

These spectacular wedding gift ideas for parents would surely let you show the true love and appreciation you feel for your parents.

Different Parents Wedding Gift Ideas

Some of the best and unique wedding gifts for your parents would be as follows:

Cruise Tickets:

You can gift them cruise tickets, a romantic getaway to an exotic location nearby, or even weekend hotel reservations, in order to rekindle the love and romance in their long and happy married life. After many years of stress and hectic life, you should give them a chance to relax and revive the old romance.

Gift Basket:

You can give a gift basket to your parents, putting their favorite things inside. You can include small or medium sized bottles of expensive wine, gourmet food collection, candies, chocolates, caramel, frozen dessert, and such other things. You can even place a candle or a teddy bear in the middle of the basket and stick a thank you note on it.

Family Tree:

You can give your parents a family tree made of brass or silver. You can get these elegant and stylish looking things from online stores at quite affordable rates. These things come with cute pendants to put the pictures of 3 to 4 generations. You can start with the photographs of your grandparents, then add snaps of your parents, uncles, aunts, your siblings, their children, and last but not the least of you and your newly wed wife. These trees also come with options of adding new members coming into the family. Your parents would surely be elated to receive such a touching gift.

Home Décor Objects:

You can give your mom some objects for enhancing the beauty and style of the home décor. The gifts should be bought with much thought, considering the wall color and theme of the décor. The objects should complement the home style. You can go for some framed painting, cute showpieces or antique objects. Your parents would surely appreciate your thought behind this gift.

Personalized Gift:

Personalized and creative gifts are considered as the most special things. You can make a personalized slideshow or video, using all the family members’ photographs, or some of the important events like family vacation, first school, college, birth of your siblings, and so on. You can make these videos look funny by adding some multimedia effects. These photographs or video would surely touch their hearts and bring smiles on the faces.

Framed Photograph/Album:

Parents are happiest when viewing photographs of their children. Your parents are also not an exception to this. You can give them a childhood photograph of yours after framing it nicely. You can add some loving words like, “Thanks for all your sacrifice into bringing me into the world and nurturing me”. You could also give them an album featuring photographs since your childhood till marriage. They will be remembered of the happy times together when you are away. These albums or photographs would surely bring many tears of joy and keep your parents in high spirits

Separate Gifts:

You can think of separate gifts for your mom and dad as well. You need to consider their individual likes and dislikes in choosing these gifts. Like every other woman if your mom also wants to look fresh and beautiful, you can make her happy with gifts like spa package, jewelry pieces, charm bracelets, fragrances, deodorants, bath soaps, and such other things. On the other hand, you can give your dad a pair of personalized cuff links to wear on the memorable day. If your dad is fond of golf then he would surely feel proud to receive personalized golf accessories from you. You can also consider giving fine wine assortments, monogrammed pens, money clips, paperweights, key chains, and so on. These gifts will not cost you a lot but definitely convey the gratitude and love you feel for your parents.

Parents are the most important persons in your life. They have stood beside you in times of your stress and offered their advice to pull you through hard times. They have played the most significant role in making you a fine adult. So, they deserve a big thank you from you, in the form of exclusive gifts. The gifts should be able to convey the love and affection you feel for them. On this memorable event, when you are leaving their secured nest for the final time, you need to acknowledge their love and sacrifices in the form of nice gifts. These unique gifts would surely be a source of everlasting memory for your parents.

Nice accessory boxes also make great wedding gift ideas for parents. You can buy a nice, elegant glass top accessory box for your parents that can be used by both for keeping their accessories like, wrist watches, ornaments, etc.

Another great idea for them can be golf accessories (if your parents are fond of golf). However, even if you are offering them the most expensive gift don't miss to give a wedding anniversary card. In order to get more information about wedding gift ideas for your parents have a look at the other pages on


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