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Wedding Gift Basket Ideas

Are you scratching your head thinking of the perfect gift for the upcoming wedding party?

These awesome wedding gift basket ideas would definitely portray your unique, creative and classy character. In the recent years, ideas of giving wedding gift baskets to the bride and groom have become very popular. You get a wide range of options in choosing the perfect basket type. The baskets are available in different sizes, shapes and content. So you can choose any basket as per your budget.

Wedding gift basket is undoubtedly an innovative gift idea for giving it to your friend on the day of his wedding. These gift baskets can be personalized the way you want those to be. The wedding day is really special for the people and the memories remain fresh for years long to come. The wedding gifts for the couple on that very day must be such that keeps on reminding them of the very day. The popular wedding gift basket ideas are sure to help you out in planning a perfect gift item for your loved ones.

A wedding gift basket can be of various categories, ranging from personal care wedding gift basket ideas to corporate wedding gift basket ideas. Some of the exclusive wedding gift basket ideas that you can present to any newly married couple are as follows:

Ice Cream:

Everybody loves ice cream and a basket full of assorted goodies would certainly be delightful to the newly wed couple. These baskets contain a large assortment of sauces, ice cream toppings, caramel sauce, hot fudge, condiments, ice cream cones, scoop, and many such things.

Wine Gift Basket:

Nothing could bring the mood of celebration than these wine wedding gift basket ideas. You can put champagne and truffles together in the basket to make the pair perfect. You can decorate the basket with assorted chocolates all around to complement the champagne bottle.


Candle is a symbol of purity and truth. Thus a basket full of scented candles convey the message of eternal love to the newly wed couple. This makes a distinctive and unique gift with candles of various shapes and sizes arranged in the basket. To make it look more attractive you need to buy candles of different colors and shapes. You can even carve the couple’s names on the candles. The couple can use those for having a romantic candle light evening and cherish the loving moment for a long time. Flicker of each wick will continue to brighten their married life and bring them closer to each other.

Personalized Gift Basket:

You can also think of giving a personalized gift basket to the bride and groom. If you are really close to the couple, you can think of putting something related to their common interests. The gifts could include some pictures, which would remind them of joyous moments of the past, some handwritten notes from their family members, close friends, former teachers, and so on. These gifts do not cost much but you need to spend a lot of time toward it. The thoughts behind such gift would surely bring wide grins on their faces and create a magical moment in their lives.

Technological Gift Basket:

If the couple is a technology freak, you can make their day by gifting them with a gift basket full of latest gadgets. The gadgets need not be very expensive ones. You can include a couple of mp3 players or mp4 players, matching digital watches, cell phones, video games, digital massager, electronic razor (for men and women), and such other things. These thoughtful and creative gifts would definitely be treasured and create a special place for you in their hearts.

Potpourri Gift Basket:

You can think of any item that might be of interest to the bride and groom. You can either talk to them directly or interact with their close associates to know about their likes and dislikes. If they are fond of reading, you can include latest paperbacks. You can also include DVDs, CDs, crackers, flowers, perfume, candles, and so on.

Food Gift Basket:

You can put a wide variety of food items in this basket, starting from chocolates to cookies, frozen desserts, wine, sausage, bacon, fruits, jellies, cheese, pretzels, caramels, flavored breadsticks, olive oil, pancake mix, pasta and sauce, gourmet nuts, and such other things. The couple would surely love you for making the cooking procedure in the initial stages of married life easier.

Expensive Gift Basket:

If you can spend a fortune on the loved bride and groom then create an exclusive gift basket containing cruise or flight tickets, paid room reservations in some hotels or resorts, paid reservations for local sightseeing tours, paid reservations in restaurants and bars. This gift would surely result in shelling out a lot of money but will definitely create magic in the couple’s new life.

Cookie Gift Basket:

You can gift a mouth watering cookie gift basket, filling it up with goodies like chocolate chips, roasted oats, handmade cookies, vanilla, brown sugar, brownies, caramel, peanut butter cookies, and a lot more. You can wrap the cookies with attractive papers and tie the basket with a ribbon.

Laundry Gift Basket:

Though this gift basket would not look so alluring, it will definitely prove to be a practical thing to start the post-marital life smoothly. You can fill the basket with some essential cleaning supplies like aromatic room spray, feather duster, detergent liquid, hanging clips, brush, and such other things.

These wedding gift baskets are the most fantastic ways to show your love and affection for the newly wed couple. While choosing a gift basket you also need to consider the theme of the wedding. If your gift complements the theme, it would sure act as the icing on the cake. These wedding gifts would create a special position for you in their hearts and strengthen their bonds with each other as well.

More Gift Basket Ideas

Corporate Wedding Gift Basket Ideas:

It becomes a really brainstorming session when you need to select gifts for somebody at your office. An intricately decorated gown is a nice choice for the wedding gift of your colleague. In case you think it will be difficult to find out the right size then it is better to drop the idea and opt for something else. In that case the dress materials available can be a good substitute for that.

Personal Care Wedding Gift Basket Ideas:

A gift basket filled with different spa elements and other personal care elements can be presented to the person on his or her wedding day. Often certain bath salts are used for unwinding after a session of tedious work. You can put bath salts and other personal care elements into that wedding gift basket.

Wine Wedding Gift Basket Ideas:

A personalized wine gift basket can be an innovative idea for specially the guests invited from the workplace of the person. Red wine, White wine, Merlot, Vintage red wine, grape wine, cherry, port, apple brandy, champagne, Mossel, calvados can be put in this wedding gift basket. Often a pack of olives and cheese is also added to the gift basket.

Food Wedding Gift Basket Ideas:

The common idea of filling the gourmet gift baskets is with chocolates, wine and different other food items. It will look good if you add milk chocolates, dark chocolates and white bars in the basket.

You can put some pancake mixes and other food items like, olives and other fruits in those gift baskets. Sometimes strawberries dipped in cream or chocolate are also put into the baskets. You can also put different kinds of nuts and dry fruits in the basket. Get to know more about the wedding gift ideas in other pages on the site


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