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Fun Wedding Gift Ideas

Determining the personality of the couple is the initial step for choosing a wedding gift. For instance if they are fun-loving people then they are sure to like game CD or funny motifs.

There are a lot of Fun Wedding Gift Ideas that you can choose.

Photo frames are traditional gifts that is presented to a couple on their wedding. How about adding a comic twist to it? You can get a snap of the couple painted with comic hands and legs. Cartoon artist personalize each picture if you leave a photograph with him. You can do the same on matching T-shirts or even coffee mugs. Getting a quilt printed with holiday pictures or even snaps from family albums is sure to elicit a laugh from the couple. These Fun Wedding Gift Ideas are structured around traditional gifts.

Get a picture of the couple and it can be structured in a personalized wedding cartoon complete with names and date of wedding. Though a bit late this gift is sure to be treasured by a humorous couple. A game sheet works just as fine. Imagine playing around the game board which has your smiling face printed on it. Gifting sports accessories are also fun wedding gifts. Gift a set of fishing gear tools or you can also gift a golf kit. If the couple loves bowling then a bowling ball which has funny faces on it along with the names of the couple may be gifted.

Some more Fun Wedding Gift Ideas include bumper stickers, towel sets that has their names monogrammed, funny door knockers and comic clothing. You can get all these items customized according to need. Add a witty catch line, this serves as a great statement to make. Cartoon mouse pads or door mats are some other funny gift items.Coasters which have colorful designs or funny faces painted on them is a great humorous wedding gift idea.

You can get a eye catch face that can be hung on trees if the couple have a garden. At a glance it looks like the tree has mouth, eyes and even a nose. The texture of the material is sited to camouflage it as a tree bark. Imagine the laugh they as a fun loving couple will have when they see the amazed faces of visitors.
Vintage Wine Bottle Holders are a great favorite among the Fun Wedding Gift Ideas. This particular thing has two men golding golf clubs and a wine bottle between the one armpit. For a golf loving buddy this is a great gift.

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