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Gift Ideas For Buddhist Weddings

Looking for some great gift ideas for Buddhist weddings? Then all you need to do is to simply go through this page offering you a list of gift ideas for Buddhist weddings.

Generally, a Buddhist wedding ceremony is secular in nature and takes place either in a register office or in any of the Buddhist temples licensed as a legal venue for marriage. Unlike weddings of other religions and communities, Buddhist weddings are not so elaborately celebrated. Buddhist marriages are simple and there are no such complicated rituals, customs or traditions. The Buddhist matrimonial traditions and customs are based on faith and not on any religious doctrines. The basic thing required is the commitment by the groom and the bride that they will sincerely effort to create a harmonious relationship between them.

Since in Buddhist wedding the prime purpose of the guests is to bless the couples, the types of gift ideas for Buddhist weddings also vary from others. Guests prefer to bring idols of Buddha or other Buddhist religious artifacts as a gift to the newly wedded bride and groom. Besides, artificial or fresh flower bouquets with congratulations and best wishes card are also preferred as brilliant gift ideas for Buddhist weddings. Some close guests can also gift flight tickets for honeymoon to any exotic place where love will get the best opportunity to bloom. Photo albums, photo frames and stands, wind chimes, flower vases, and other home decorating items are also quite brilliant Buddhist wedding gift ideas.

Gift Ideas for Bride in Buddhist Weddings

Guests mostly love to present traditional Buddhist dresses made of brocade called Bhaku. It is more like a long, full-length sarong. Sometimes, some relatives or near and dear ones of the bride also gifts unusual Buddhist jewelry called as Khau, which are made of large semi-precious and precious stones like pearl, turquoise, coral, etc. These traditional jewelries are worn by the girl on the wedding day around the neck and on the forehead. Moreover, pure gold jewelries like bangles, bracelets, ear rings, necklaces and rings are also gifted to the bride in Buddhist weddings. Gift Ideas for Groom in Buddhist Weddings

Finding a gift for the groom is a task of great difficulty. But in this modern age, you can go for some unique gift items. The modern man of today likes to go with the prevailing fashion trends, who love to wear certain pieces of jewelries like diamond ear studs, wristlets, gold chains, and also the traditional rings. So why not gift some jewelry to the groom?

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