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1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Wedding is an auspicious institution that unites the lives of two people and brings inro their life new hopes and aspirations.

The memories of the wedding day always remain fresh in the minds of the couple for years long to come. Unique anniversary gifts are ideal for making your friend's 1st anniversary even more special. You can make his day even more special with a lovely anniversary gift. There are plenty of 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas that will surely make your friend's 1st Wedding Anniversary special.

The first anniversary of your wedding ceremony is an occasion that deserves to be celebrated with much pomp and show. The couple must cherish the memories of the day for years long to come. You can arrange for a candle light dinner for the couple on their very first wedding anniversary. Just book a pool side table and get it decorated in a personalized manner with the help of the staff members at one of your favorite restaurants. This will surely be among the most unique 1st Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas.

Are you thinking of what to give on the upcoming first wedding anniversary of your close relative or friend? These unique first wedding anniversary gift ideas would be perfect for anyone close to you, right from your daughter, sister, son, niece, brother, nephew or friend. Your gifts would surely cheer up those exquisite moments and be treasured by the couple for a long time. Your gifts would enhance their intimacy bringing them closer to each other.

Perfect First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Some excellent first wedding anniversary gift ideas that would raise a big smile are as follows:

Paper Items:

As the theme of the first anniversary is paper, you need to think of any paper made presents, which would convey the message of romance as well. The gifts featuring paper could be tickets to a sporting event, music concert, theater, and such other things. It could be a dinner invitation card to your home or even a restaurant voucher to let the couple enjoy some precious moments alone, getting lost into each other’s eyes. You can give the couple some stationery items like notepad, memo pad, envelopes, and such other things. You can personalize these things by printing their names and making the gifts more memorable. You can also give them a bouquet of paper flowers. This will really bring out a wide smile on their faces. You can add a handwritten note also, to add a personal touch.


You need to buy a special book on this occasion. If one of them is fond of cooking, you can give a recipe book on different types of cuisines. If you are not too sure about their hobbies a beautiful coffee table book or a novel would create the same wonderful effect. You should write a good anniversary message in the front page of the book.


A voucher makes a very good first wedding anniversary gift. You can buy them a voucher to dine out at a nearby plush restaurant. A voucher of local departmental store would also help them buy a lot of essential household items. If you want to make the gift look more appealing, a voucher to some recreational or adventurous activities like hiking, surfing, bungee jumping, fishing, and so on would also do fine.

Framed Photograph:

As photographs are printed on paper, these make excellent gifts for first wedding anniversary. You can take a print out of the couple’s photograph, enlarge and frame it nicely. If you have caught some loving moments of the couple on their wedding ceremony, you can surprise them even more by framing that moment and letting them cherish it for a long time.

Getaway Tickets:

With the end of the first year, most couples feel tired from the newly taken responsibilities and daily chores of life. You can revive the moments of their honeymoon period by giving them flight tickets to some exotic location. Spending a few days in each other’s arms would bring them closer and ignite the romance. If your pocket permits, you can add some more joy in their trip by paying for the hotel rooms as well. They would appreciate your feeling of love and affection as long as they live.

Magazine Subscription:

You can find the couple’s favorite magazines and gift them with yearly subscriptions of those. They would really be glad to receive this gift, as it would save them quite a few dollars as well.


As the first anniversary flower is Pansy, you can give a nice and large bouquet consisting of the pansy flowers. As these hybrid plants come in a wide range of colors starting from red to yellow, orange, blue and many other combination, the bouquet would also look rather nice.


Some people consider gold as the gemstone of first wedding anniversary, while some consider pearl. You can be on the safer side and gift some exquisite pieces of jewelry made of gold and studded with pearls. These would look definitely beautiful on the lady. She would love to flaunt these nice trinkets and bask in admiring glances. You can also gift a pair of gold plated cufflinks or tie-pins to the man. These elegant and stylish gifts would certainly make their day.


This is the most traditional gift for the first wedding anniversary. Though these come in a wide range of styles and sizes, the most elegant and stylish looking are the crystal ones. You can enhance their room décor by this gift.

These excellent first wedding anniversary gift ideas would make the day more special for the couple. The gifts would be cherished for a long time and bring them closer to each other. These gifts show the love, care and affection you feel for the couple and make them adore you even more.?

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