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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Are you breaking your head thinking of what to buy for your boyfriend/girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?

Some unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas will surely let you create a special and permanent place in your love’s heart.

People all over the world celebrate 14th February as Valentine’s Day. This day unites couples and brings them more towards each other. On this day you can make the special person in your life feel about the care and affection you have toward him/her by giving some unique, interesting and romantic gifts. The gift should be chosen with much thought and care, keeping the receiver’s personality, taste and style in mind. You need to remember the likes/dislikes, favorite color, cuisine, and such other small but important things. Your true love and care will be shown by the choice of the gifts.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Her

The following things would make very good Valentines Day gifts:

Sexy Perfume:

You could win your girlfriend or wife’s heart by gifting a very sexy Eau-de-perfume from any well known brand. The perfume can be available in a wide range of fragrances, ranging from Clementine to vanilla orchid, pimento, cactus, blackberry, and white amber. The perfume will definitely leave the special woman of your life feeling sexy and delighted. Whenever she will get compliments for her perfume, she will think of you and the romance will keep on glowing forever.

Spa Package:

You can make the woman of your life cheerful by gifting a spa package. She will be delighted to have this awesome gift that would make her look more beautiful, rejuvenated and relaxed. The gift will also convey the feelings and care you have for her.


These are the most traditional ways to bring a smile on your love’s face. Along with the conventional red roses, you can also buy her some different colored ones and make a beautiful bunch. A combination of red, pink and yellow roses with tulips and sunflower conveys the happiness and positivity in your love life. You can also add a personalized hand written card containing words of love along with the flowers. She will be enthralled to get this romantic gift.


Every woman loves to look beautiful and steal the show wherever she goes. You can fulfill your lady’s wishes by giving her a complete cosmetic set consisting of make-up kit, lipsticks, nail polish, deodorant, eye liner, mascara, and so on.


All women love to accessorize and augment her physical beauty by wearing jewelry. You can give her some earrings, bracelets or anklets and make her pleasure sky high. If your relationship is new a pair of small, stylish and elegant earrings would do the trick. However, if the gift is for your wife or a steady girlfriend, then investing in necklaces or jewelry set would not be a bad idea. Before buying this gift, you need to know her preference and taste. If she likes yellow a piece of gold jewelry will certainly make her happy. Again, if your beloved’s favorite color is white, then a jewelry piece made of sterling silver would certainly make her day.

Bags and Purses:

These can be unique gift items for the modern women of twenty-first century. Some designer totes or colorful fancy purses would make perfect gift for your beloved.

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Him

You can give any of the following things as a valentine Day gift:


As goes the old saying, “You can win a man’s heart through his stomach” – the best way to make your man fall head over heels in love with you is to cook some mouth watering delicacies.

Technological gadgets:

Boys and men are just gadget freaks. Whether it is any game, flat screen television, iPad, mp3 player, or a cell phone – any type of gadget or gizmo will certainly make him pleased and think more of your love.

Sport Items:

If the man of your life is fond of sports then you can make his heart warmer by gifting a ticket to his favorite team’s match. You can also buy some sports gear for him and see the widened smile on his face.

Automobile Accessories: Every man or boy has the “other love” in his life. However, you can be his first choice if your gift can accessorize the “other love”, i.e. his car. You can gift him the latest GPS system, wireless car mp3 or some new tires or alloys. However, before buying tires you need to know the model and size of the vehicle.


This would be a fantastic gift idea for any man. You can also opt for a personalized message of love, engraved on the face. He will be fascinated on receiving this gift. The watch will make him remember about your love every second!

Grooming Kit:

You can make the special person in your life look more handsome by presenting him with a grooming kit. The kit consists of shaving crème, gel, hair gel, anti-tan, and such other things. Your man would certainly appreciate this gift and look his best during all your dates.

Valentine Gift Basket: You can make the special person of your life happy by giving a personalized V-Day gift basket. You can put assorted chocolates, frozen desserts, cookies in it and place a small frame containing both of your photograph in the middle.

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