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Retirement Gift ideas

Is your boss, colleague or someone close going to retire soon? Are you thinking of giving him a unique retirement gifts?

You can choose any thing from an array of exclusive retirement gift ideas, as per your pocket and make the person happy in this important phase of life. Retirement is not an easy task and sometimes it either breaks or makes the person. You need to be very thoughtful in choosing the perfect gift, to convey your appreciation and respect for him. Your gift should make the person realize how much important he/she was to the company.

Unique Retirement Gift Ideas

If you want to show your appreciation and respect in a different way, you need to think of some unique gifts. These gifts would surely make the person realize how valuable he/she is in your life. Some of the gifts could be as follows:

Personalized Recreational Items:

If they person retiring belongs to an executive class, he sure likes to flaunt his wealth and win some more in casinos. They spend their leisure time losing and gaining quite a lot of money. So, the best gift for these types of people is to give a monogrammed cigar case or a personally blended cigar. You can also think of a personalized deck of cards, having the retiree’s photograph and a logo of his/her former company or industry.

Expensive Wine:

You can remind the retiree the taste of the good working life by giving him an expensive brand of champagne or wine. A bottle of Mensil, Brut or Lafite would certainly remind him of the fond memories he has in his workplace.

Golf Items:

If the retiree is fond of gold, he must have plans to spend the leisure time putting. You can make the post-retirement life more fun by gifting him golf clubs, carts or gloves. You can also think out-of-the-box and gift him a monogrammed golf ball, tees, golf bag or markers. These gifts will not only make them happy but speak of elitism as well.

Popular Retirement Gift Ideas

Some of the popular retirement gifts are as follows:

Gag Gifts:

Nowadays, it is very popular to give gag retirement gifts to the colleagues. These gifts are funny and lighten the atmosphere, thus making the retiree depart in laughter. It is not an easy task to leave the place where a person has worked for so many years. Office is the place where a person sometimes spends even more time than his home. So, leaving the place on the final day means heavy heart and emotional break-up on the retiree’s part. You can make the situation lighter by gifting some gag gifts. These are available both in departmental and online stores. You can give boxes that show funny one-liners when opened. These gifts would surely bring a smile on the retiree’s face and be treasured for many following years.

Creative Gifts:

Instead of buying the regular mundane gifts, you can make a difference by being a little observant and putting your creative mind at work. Nowadays, these gifts are becoming more popular. You need to know about the person’s likes and dislikes. If he is fond of sports, you can give a two or three tickets to his favorite team’s match. Again, if he is fond of music you can make him happy by gifting him with a music concert’s ticket. If he is an adventurous person, you can give him a gift of adventurous holiday package to some nearby location.

Stock Market Tracker:

Nowadays, it is normal for any person to get more involved in the stock market trading following the retirement. You can make the task easier by giving an electronic or wireless stock market tracker. This will help him immensely in tracking the NASDAQ, Dow or S&P 500 Index at his finger tips.

Common Retirement Gift Ideas

Some of the common retirement gifts which would surely bring a smile on the face of the receiver are –

Gold or Silver Coated Watches:

You can bring a smile on the retiree’s face by giving the traditional silver or gold plated watches. You can also engrave the retiree’s name, company and the date of period of service. Though these gifts may seem common and old-fashioned, till today they create an atmosphere of fond elegance in the mind of the receiver.

Customized Items with Logo:

You can create the magic by giving a coffee mug and inscribing the company log on it. You can also add some lines highlighting his years of good work. Likewise, you can also customize a t-shirt or a car cushion or even e silver key ring. If the retiree is your boss you can go for an expensive gift item that would serve as a memento. You can also combine these customized items along with a pen set, a note book with company logo, some office stationery, a retirement-wishes card and a box of Swiss or Hershey’s chocolates. You need to put the things on an elegant looking tray (preferably wooden made) and wrap with cellophane. Your boss would definitely appreciate the appreciation and respect shown by you.


You can give the person a silver or a bronze plaque, commemorating his services and contribution made for so many years to the productivity of the company. You can personalize this gift by engraving his name, date of service tenure, and add some heart-warming message from his boss. The retiree will surely cherish this gift forever.

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