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India Independence Day

About India Independence Day

Jawaharlal Nehru, on August 15,1947 famously said, "At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom.

A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new India discovers herself again."

It is a day of pride and happiness for all Indians and a day to remember the sacrifice of all those martyrs who gave us our independence, our freedom and our today. Every year August 15 is celebrated with pomp,vigor and respect in all corners of the country. Gifts exchanged on the occasion of our Independence keep alive the spirit of independence and remind us of the days of dominance and hardships that our ancestors had to go through.

Gift Ideas For Independence Day

Gift ideas for Independence Day are numerous and one can choose from a variety of gifts to make this day special for the recipient. One should however be careful to choose a gift which upholds the spirit and the value of this occasion which is sacred to all Indians.

Gifts for Independence Day can be varied and diverse but these gifts need to conform to the spirit of the day. Sending Independence Day cards are a great way to remind people of the importance of the day as well as the sacrifice of the freedom fighters and martyrs.

Flowers are another of the popular gifts given on this day. Flowers are intended to bring joy and happiness to the recipient in celebration of the sweet taste of freedom. Mugs, pens, and various other decorative items with graffiti in remembrance of our 200 year long Independence struggle is a very good gift idea for Independence Day.

Whatever one gifts to another on the 15th August, it should emphasize the importance of this day in our lives. It should bring back the memories of our successful struggle with the British imperial power and the sacrifice of the thousands of martyrs who gifted us an independent life today.

Gift Ideas For Family

Gifts are the best way to convey or express feelings. You can gift grand parents, parents, siblings and close relatives a souvenir which represents true Indian spirit. Or, you can search for items that show your love for the country as well as for the recipient. Some of the best choices for this occasion are:

  • Gold plated tricolor
  • A cake
  • Fruit basket

Gift Ideas For Friends

There are different ways to celebrate Independence day with friends. Most of us prefer to spend Independence Day evening with friends going out on dinner or some amusement parks. You can surprise your friends on this day with gifts. Some of the best gifts for friends on this occasion are:

  • A food coupon
  • Performing arts show ticket
  • A pen

Gift Ideas For Colleagues

We usually give gifts to our colleagues on selected occasions. Most of us would not think of gifting them unless it’s their birthday or wedding. But, 15th August in itself is a reason enough to give a gift. You can surprise your colleagues on this day of freedom and independence with any of the following lovely gifts:

  • Sweet box
  • Chocolate box
  • A symbolic showpiece

Gift Ideas For Clients

Independence Day is one of the perfect days when you can give a formal gift to clients. On this day of joy and freedom, you can look for the following items to wish them ‘Happy Independence Day’ in your own way:

  • Sweet box
  • Diary
  • Book on national heroes

Gift Ideas For Neighbors

Having good neighbors is a matter of luck. However, you can always thank your luck and neighbors by giving them a special gift on 15th August. Some of the best presents for the occasion are:

  • Sweet box
  • Crystal Souvenir
  • Handcraft items

Last Updated on 08/10/2010

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