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Graduation Day Gift Ideas

Are you feeling lost in finding the perfect graduation gift?

You can stop worrying now and get any thing from the choices of great graduation day gift ideas. While selecting the gift you need to keep in mind about the person’s taste, style, personality and preferences. A small gift bought with much thought and presented with proper love and care results in immense pleasure for the recipient and makes the day memorable.

Various Gift Ideas for Graduation Day

Some of the great gift ideas for graduation day are as follows:


A graduate would definitely like to get some cash and have fun after long years of hard work and studying. You can make it look more personalized by putting it inside a card or an envelope and adding some loving notes. Great graduation day gift idea.


If the graduate is an avid reader and loves to have books as his/her constant companion, then getting some books as graduation day gifts would appeal to him/her the most. However, you need to know his/her preference of subject and buy anything from that field. If you are not sure about the subject of interest then buying a newly released novel would also do


If the graduate is fond of music or movies, you can make him/her happy by giving some newly released music albums of movie DVDs. You can ask the person about his/her music of interest. If he loves rock there’s no point in gifting a CD on pop music.


This is the time for the graduate to face the real hard world. The time has come to think of savings and investment. You can help him/her start stabilizing his/her financial career in gifting bonds and mutual fund certificates that would result in good returns after a fixed period of time. One of the best graduation day gift ideas.

Picture Frame:

You can start working on your creative mind in giving this gift. You need to take a snap of the graduate in his/her gown and cap just before the ceremony. Then have the picture printed, enlarged and framed. You can add some personal message as engraving on the lower or side of the frame. The graduate would just love to receive this gift.

Professional Items:

You can make the grad feel that now the time has come to face the professional world. So, you can give him such a gift that would help him take a step boldly toward the reality. Gifts like an elegant looking attaché case, executive pens, card holders, day planners would certainly give him a good start and be valued for more coming years.


Whether the graduate is a male or a female, a piece of stylish and trendy jewelry would certainly bring a wide smile on the face. If the grad is a girl, you can give her some trendy looking bracelet or earrings. If she loves the color yellow, you can go for a gold jewelry piece, otherwise, a sterling silver item studded with semi precious stones are also very much sought-after items nowadays. If the grad is a boy, you can go for some cool rings, cuff-links or tie-pins. These items will make him feel like an adult and thus compel him to think like an executive. You can also personalize the bracelet or the ring by engraving his/her names on it, with the year of graduation.


This also makes a very good graduation day gift. You don’t have to spend a fortune on this. You can just go for a decent looking and stylish watch and engrave the words “Congratulations” or “Grad-Day” and make the person happier. Watches also convey valuation of time and make a person more responsible. The graduate should be now ready to take up his/her responsibilities and start facing the hardship of real world.

Flowers/Gift Cards:

If you are short of time and budget to buy the gifts mentioned above, a nice bouquet of flowers for a girl and a gift card for the boy would also create the wonder. On the day og graduation you can bring a wide smile of her face by giving a nice bouquet of fres flowers. Similarly, you can give the boy some gift cards, with which he will buy some of his favorite things. As these are a bit non-personal you can include a handwritten note as well.

Graduation Day Bag:

You can also opt for a graduation-day bag gift item. You can fill the bag with small but necessary items like pen sets, purse/wallet, gift cards, stationery, small plaque with engraved words – “Congratulations!” or “Graduation Day-(with the date)”, and so on.

These things would surely make the person happy and you will take a permanent position in his/heart forever. Your gifts would certainly be cherished for a long time.

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