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Festival Gift Ideas

Festival celebrations are incomplete without gifts and presents. Small festival tokens like silver coins, broaches, chocolate box’s and the like all add to the celebrations.

The tradition of sharing gifts is uniform throughout the world. The festivals that are known for sharing gifts globally are Chinese New Year, Christmas, Raksha Bandhan, Purim, Trung Thu, Esala Perahera, Easter and many more. If you have been thinking about how to gift in festivals, then we present you with some of the easy Festival Gift Ideas. You can get them from the nearby stores or can make them at home on your own.

Right from a 2-year kid to a 90-yeard old granddad, everybody wants to have his share of gift. Apart from the parties, dressing in style, decorations of streets and homes, exchanging gifts make the people merrier. So, you can also make a permanent position in the minds of your near and dear ones by giving such gifts. These festival gift ideas would give your present a new dimension and reflect the unique personality and taste within you.

Creative Festival Gift Ideas


Handmade Treasure Box


This almost might sound like the Pirates of the Caribbean. You can gift your near and dear ones with a handmade treasure box. Use the left over pieces of piece board and mound board. Make it into a box and decorate it with sequins, creative motifs and the like. If you want you can paint the box or cover it with colored papers. Another alternative is you get a wooden box customized and decorate it with other attractive embellishments.

Handprint Wall Hanging


With homemade festival gift ideas you can get all creative and funky. One way to experiment it, is with a handprint wall hanging. Use a paper plate and colored papers to make the same. Paste an attractive paper cutting inside the plate and use fancy laces and ribbons to hang it up.

Ribbon Wreath Festival Gift


Flowers have always been a traditional mark for festivals and celebrations. You can make a flower and ribbon wreath gift to your guests and other near and dear ones. Use artificial flowers, ribbons, satin, and wires to make a wreath.

Other creative festive gifts that you can also opt for are as follows:-

  • Heart Candy Bouquet
  • Chocolate Gift Box Craft
  • Candy Kiss Rose Bud Craft
  • Handmade festival chime

Traditional Festival Gift Ideas


While choosing the gifts you should ensure whether those tune in with the taste, individuality and the style of the receiver. Some of the traditional festive gift items are as follows:


This could be a very traditional but great gift for a woman. You need to choose the dress keeping in mind her personality, size and style. Receiving a dress that looks elegant and trendy gives a woman much joy.


Whether it is a man or a woman, everybody loves to wear fashionable accessories. You can get elegant and trendy looking ear studs or bracelets for the lady and tie-pins or cuff-links for the gentleman. If you are a bit tight on the pocket, then sterling silver made jewelry would also do the wonder.


You can make any woman happy by giving a set of branded cosmetics. They will wear those with pleasure and look glamorous in the festive season.

Technical Gadgets:

men are generally gadget freak. You can bring immense pleasure to any man by giving some technical gadgets like mp3 player, ipod, mp4 player, cell phone, and such others.

Holiday Package:

If the person is fond of traveling, you can make him/her happy by gifting a holiday package to some exotic locations.


You always have the choice of gifting traditional festival gift items to your near and dear ones. Some of the options are as follows:-

  • Flower Bouquets
  • Chocolate Box
  • Calendars and paintings
  • Handicrafts
  • Easter Egg Artworks
  • Easter Cookies
  • Christmas Cake Baskets
  • Yuletide Chocolate box
  • Yuletide Decorative

It is very easy to source these gifts from the malls and the shopping plazas. If you are making them, then you can use some of the unused home products. Festival gift ideas allow you to make an occasion a very special one.

Creative Festival Gift Ideas

Some of the creative festive gifts are as follows:

Handmade Portraits:

You can create an impression on any person by gifting handmade portrait. It will convey the time and thought you have contributed to make him/her happy.

Painted Apparels/Accessories:

Instead of buying a common dress or jewelry item, you can make it special by personalizing it. You can paint a nice picture depicting some of the old memories or the person’s favorite object. You can engrave the person’s name on the jewelry piece and make it special.

Handmade Message Book:

You can make a message book and write “50 reasons why I like you”. You can be sure that this gift would be treasured for many years.

Cook a Dish:

If the recipient is your spouse or parents, you can make them feel special by cooking their favorite dish all by yourself. The time and energy dedicated by you to make them happy would surely be appreciated.

Video for Mom/Dad:

As the people who miss you the most are your mom and dad, you can make them happy by developing a video, showing your home, spouse, children, workplace, favorite hangouts, and so on. They will feel nearer to you through the video.

Easy Festival Gift Ideas

Some of the easy festival gift items are -


You can make a person smile by giving a large bouquet of flowers. You can add a personal note to make it look nicer.

Spa Package:

You can gift a spa package to any person and make him/her look fresh and rejuvenated in the festive season.

Gift Basket:

You can give a gift basket containing assorted goodies of all kinds and make the person happy.


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