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Gift Ideas For Christian Wedding

Is there anything more beautiful that watching your sibling, child, closest friend or relative taking vows to stay together with the beloved forever?

These two people make a commitment in front of the Creator to stay with each other through good and bad times. Gift ideas for Christian wedding should convey the message of spiritual bond along with the new relationship. Ideas on gifts for Christian wedding aim to convey the spiritual quality in the newly wed’s relationship.

Christian Wedding Gift Ideas

Some of the gift ideas on Christian wedding are as follows:

Christian Home Décor:

When a couple starts living together in a new place, they require many things that could add beauty to their home décor. You can help them by giving such a thing that would serve two purposes- it would add style and beauty to the interior décor and at the same time would give the new “man and wife” a stronger spiritual bonding for staying closer to each other in difficult times. You can give a framed scripture plaque having a nice picture in the background. You can also give some nice looking crosses or such other gifts that would perfectly set the religious tone for the new house.

Framed Prayer:

You can write a personal prayer for the couple and add a picture of them together in the background. If you don’t have a picture of them you can just engrave their names at the bottom. Then take a print out, enlarge it and get the picture framed. They can place this framed prayer anywhere in the house and at every prayer time, they would remember your love and affection.

Engraved Study Bible:

This would make the perfect Christian wedding gift, and especially the bride would be overjoyed to find her new surname on this Holy Scripture. This gift also conveys the message that the newly wed couple should also grow in the Christian faith together. You can personalize the gift by writing both of their names on the inner side of the front cover, with a loving note to have a long and good life together. When there will be stresses and tension in the later period of their married life, this Bible would help them fight every impediment and believe in each other.

Serving Utensils:

As time advances, the newly wed couple would surely start to spend more time with their friends from the local church community. It would be a nice idea to give them some serving utensils, consisting of dinner plates, serving bowls, spoons, and such other items. They would be very much pleased and grateful to receive such gifts. You can also have their names engrave on the plates and make them more personalized. To encourage them in practicing hospitality more, you can add a handwritten note as well. Along with the utensils you can add a nice recipe book as well.

Prayerful Wind Chime:

Nowadays, these suspended bars of metal, making soft soul touching sounds have become very much popular. Apart from serving as a good home decoration item, the wind chime also relaxes the mind with its soft melodious sound. You can buy this gift for the couple and add prayerful messages on each bar. This would certainly look nice and give them mental strength during hard times.

Christmas Ornaments:

These ornaments could be the best way to enhance the faith in Christianity. You can personalize these Christmas ornaments by engraving their names. They would surely love to receive such gifts and make their home sweeter. ?

Jewelry Items:

You can get many jewelry items coming in various shapes, which represent the religious symbols. This would make very nice gifts for the couple. You can also customize these items by engraving the bride or groom’s initials on it. They would surely love to flaunt these jewelry pieces while going to the church.

Scripture Pottery:

These types of scripture pottery make wonderful gifts on Christian wedding. These also serve as favorite side dish, which speaks of the words of love while you serve from the bowl. These are available in a wide range of colors. Before buying this gift, you can consult the couple about their wall color, so the pottery would enhance the theme of their interiors. Apart from different departmental stores, you can also get these from online dealers. You can customize them by engraving the couple’s name as well. These types of pottery are quite nice looking and can be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers.

Jeweled Celtic Cross:

What could be more enchanting to a Christian couple than a Jeweled Celtic Cross? This is the symbol of ethnic heritage speaks of the unique blend of Christian and Celtic symbolism. These crosses are available in extensive designs, sizes and colors. You can go for a crystal made Cross, studded with semi precious stones. This would add beauty to the home décor and instigate the faith in Christianity deep in the couple’s minds.

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