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Gift Ideas For Boss Day

Are you scratching your head thinking of the perfect gift to give your senior and make him/her realize how much you appreciate the hard work and support done through years?

You can show your respect by thinking of some unique gift ideas for Boss Day, on October 16th.

Boss Day Gifts

You need to think a bit differently if you really want to impress the senior. Traditional bosses day gifts like giving flowers, chocolates, card or treating the boss to a lunch party arranged with other co-workers have become too common and dull. You need to give a unique boss day gift, so that it reflects your out-of-the-way thinking and makes you stand out in the crowd.

Some of the exclusive and great boss day gifts are as follows:

Coffee Break Set:

If your boss likes to have several cups of coffee during the hectic work schedule, you can make him/her happy by giving a coffee break set. It would consist of coffee mugs, different gourmet coffees, caramel popcorn, muffins, biscuits, bon bons, assorted chocolate truffles, and such other things. These small but thoughtful gifts would surely make him/her happy.

Restaurant Gift Certificate:

You can ask your colleagues to chip in and give the boss a gift certificate of his favorite restaurant. If the collected amount is quite impressive then you can also give a gift certificate of a 5 star deluxe restaurant and let him taste different cuisines. This gift would certainly create a healthy relation and bring the supervisor closer to your heart.

Objects of Interest:

Instead of going for the traditional boring items like pens, stationery and desk items, you can get your boss the objects of his/her interest. If your boss loves golf, you can give him a set of golf balls or a club. If he loves fishing, you can make him ecstatic by giving him some angling equipments. Again, if you live in such a place where the boss frequently goes out for ice fishing during the weekends, then some gears like ice auger, poles or customized fish house seat would create wonder.

Edible Bouquet:

You can create a different sort of bouquet only by using edible things like bakeries, long stemmed cookies, fresh fruits, frozen desserts, and so on. This awesome gift would really mean something different to the boss.

Spa Package:

If your boss is female, she would be really grateful to get a spa package gift from you. Every woman wants to look beautiful and healthy. With the busy work schedule the boss hardly gets any time to look after her health and beauty regime. She would certainly feel glad to get this awesome gift that would enhance her physical beauty and make everyone turn his face towards her. You can also gift some home spa packages, so that she can rejuvenate herself whenever she feels like.


Even though the bosses don’t really declare themselves as book lovers, but it’s a fact that nearly all the superiors are avid readers and fond of books. So, you can choose books from a wide selection, which could range from fiction, non-fiction ones to thriller, romantic, horror, literature, travel, and other such topics. These gift items make a lifetime asset for the receiver.

Traveling Gourmet Basket:

This gift would make the perfect present for any executive. Your boss would really love to get this basket, which you can fill with gourmet treats like sliced beef/ham salami, tomato basil crackers, chocolate bars, peanuts, creamy almond/hazel nut toffee, garlic cheese spread, chocolate chip cookies, sweet pretzels, and such other things. You can pack all these things in a leather attaché and make it look more stylish and elegant. You can be sure that your boss would lovingly use this gift for many years.

Wine Crate:

If your boss is male, you can just see the smile on his face widen on receiving a wine crate full of a wide variety of tasty liquors. You can also add cheddar cheese wedge, Tuscan wheat crackers, Cabernet Cheddar Cheese spread, and specialty wine infused salamis along with the wine. This gift will speak of your sophisticated and elegant personality and make him very happy.

Gourmet Desk Caddy:

You can give your boss a desk caddy made of wood, and fill it with sumptuous treats like gourmet coffee, cream filled pastry cookies, summer sausage, pepper crackers, double mocha chocolate truffles, almond toffee, and chocolate fudge popcorn. You will find him proudly displaying the caddy even after all the goodies have been devoured.

All these gifts given on Boss’s Day would give you an opportunity to improve the relationship with your superior and show the boss how much you appreciate his/her contribution to the company. This will result in building and improving a congenial relationship, which would eventually achieve in greater work productivity and job satisfaction.

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