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Birthday Gift Ideas For Girl

Be it sister, friend, girlfriend, daughter, cousin, pen friend, online friend or an acquaintance, girls love to be pampered and gifted. And, if she is your close

friend, a sister or daughter, you cannot afford to forget buying a birthday gift for her. Here, is a list of some exciting birthday gift ideas for girls on all crucial milestones. You can refer to them to find a fabulous birthday gift for her.


Teens Birthday Gift Ideas For Girl

Teenage is an important phase of life. The teen girls are usually chirpy, careless yet careful and enthusiastic at their best. So, you need to pick something that matches her jovial spirit and fills her with excitement. Some birthday gifts are listed below. You can take a clue from here.

Teens’ birthday gift ideas for girl consist of the things that represent her hobbies and passion. A teenage girl is vibrant, beautiful and full of potential. This is the age where she observes people around her, the world and learns new skills that put her one step ahead in the up coming competitions. The girl wants to look beautiful and gorgeous and remains infatuated by the style and poise of celebrities. Her passions and dreams consist of cell phones, glittering jewelry, stylish shoes, ipods and gorgeous dresses.

You can make her feel ecstatic joy by giving a cell phone or mp3 players, which she normally will not be able to afford from the weekly allowance. Some latest releases of music DVDs or CDs would also bring out wide grin on her face. You can also give her desk accessories like colored paper clips, stackable trays, pen holder, calculator, memo pads, stapler, desk clock, pens, diary, scissors, and such other things. You can also give her membership to local ballet or other dance classes. These would definitely be useful to her and make her remember you with affection.

  • Roller skates
  • Jewelry kit
  • Digital camera
  • Customized notebook with pen

21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Girl

Girls reach maturity before boys. At 21, they are well aware of their responsibilities. But, in that sense of responsibility, you can see the lively streaks of innocence and enthusiasm. So, gifts that can showcase these subtle emotions make a perfect choice to celebrate this milestone in her life.

At this age she needs to look beautiful, stylish and elegant. You can give her some trendy and cool jewelry pieces. The metal made jewelry pieces (bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings), studded with semi precious stones makes a girl-next-door look like ravishingly beautiful woman. You can also give her some fashion accessories like sunglasses, wallet, hair combs, clips, cosmetic mirror, curlers, cosmetics, belt, scarf, jacket, and so on. You can also make her pleased by gifting a large tote bag to carry her things. Many online stores sell designer-looking tote bags at affordable prices. You can also gift her some elegant looking wine glasses as a mark of the adulthood she has entered and make her happy.

Some more gifts for your girl’s 21st birthday are suggested below. Take a look.

  • Scooter
  • Beauty products
  • Designer wear
  • Accessories

25th Birthday Gift Ideas For Girl

When a girl turns 25, she develops certain personality traits in her. These attributes in some way or the other contain enough clues for you to find out her choices or preferences. Usually, girls are fitness conscious at this age. Most of them like to pamper themselves and try to pursue their dreams. So, while selecting a gift for a girl on her 25th birthday, you can consider the following choices:

  • Spa coupon
  • Fitness equipment
  • Holiday trip package
  • Music system

30th Birthday Gift Ideas For Girl

A woman is at the height of dignity when she reaches thirty years. You can make her look more poised and stylish by giving an exquisite dress. The apparel could be a casual or formal one, consisting of sweater, skirt, jacket, dress, top, jeans, shorts or even shoes, which come in a wide range of sandals, sports shoes, flip flops, Crocs, stilettos, boots, and wedges. Wearing your gifts she will be turned into a fashion icon, turning every head toward her wherever she goes. While hearing a lot of oohs and aahs, she will surely think of your thoughtfulness and love. If the woman is someone really close to you, then giving some sexy lingerie would also bring out the same smile. You can think of camisole, bras, slippers, leggings, stockings, tights and such other things to make her look sexier in your eyes.

  • Customized coffee table book
  • Special dinner
  • Scenic flight tour
  • Picture collage

Whether the girl is a young budding woman of eighteen or a mature ravishing lady of thirty, your gifts should convey the feeling of love, care and affection. You should buy the gifts as per her interests, likes and dislikes. If the woman is an avid reader, nothing could make her happy than some good books. Again, of she is a gadget freak, you can consider giving some video games or cell phone. If the girl only thinks of beauty and fashion all day long then you can buy her yearly subscription to some fashion magazines. If the woman is fond of music, you can consider buying some DVDs or CDs or latest music albums.

If the birthday girl is a distant relative or classmate and you are not too sure about her likes and dislikes, then you can think of some general gifts. These would be soft toys like teddy bear, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh- whatever the age is, all girls like to cuddle these soft creatures. You can also bring a wide smile on her face by giving a large bouquet and a hand written card, wishing her all the best. A hand written note is very much valuable to a girl and treasured for a long time. These gifts would surely make the woman feel pampered and create a special place in her heart for you.

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