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80th Birthday Gift Ideas

When a person reaches the rip old age of 80, he or she has gathered many experiences and affected many lives.

He/She has played a significant role in nurturing and shaping many lives. Whether the person is your dad, mom, granddad, grandma, or nanny, you need to make him/her feel your true love, affection and gratitude for all the contributions made by him/her in your life. Any one of these 80th birthday gift ideas would surely make the person happy and he/she will bestow a shower of love and blessings on you.

80th Birthday Gifts

When you are thinking of giving such a gift to make the 80th birthday celebration the happiest moment, you need to think of the person’s taste and style as well. Some of the best 80th birthday gifts are as follows:

Family Tree Frame:

When a person approaches 80 years, one thing that makes him/her happy is the faces of near and dear ones. You can make your granddad or grandma happy by giving a family tree frame, made of silver or any other elegant metal. You can put the pictures of 3-4 generations and keep on updating them. This gift will not cost you a fortune but would definitely bring a million dollar smile on the recipient’s face.


You can make the person very happy by giving a scrapbook and decorating it with pictures of the family members, his/her special friends, and such other persons. You need to do a little bit of work here to make the gift a memorable one. You can also include old letters, pictures or such significant documents on the scrapbook. You need to collect the pictures from friends and family members, (taken in the earlier life on special occasions). If possible, contact the person’s school and college friends and get some pictures taken on Annual Day, Graduation Day or any such event. Suppose, your granddad was a football team captain, then you can easily make him reminisce those old good times by getting a picture of him holding the trophy! If it is your grandma’s birthday, you can get a picture of her cheerleading for the school team. Imagine how pleased and surprised they would be receiving such a gift.

Organize a Party:

At this age, a person becomes lonely. You could bring joy into his/her dull life by organizing a surprise birthday party and invite his/her old friends and neighbors. You will feel the same happiness to see them so joyful. This gift would reunite your granddad/mom with those people who have been very special at some point of time in their lives. They will shower you with blessings on receiving this awesome gift.

Fake Newspaper:

You can get a fake newspaper and print the recipient’s name, date of birthday and some achievements done by him/her on the first page. You can give the newspaper in the morning while having breakfast and observe the pleasant surprise on the recipient’s face.

Golf Clock:

If your old granddad is fond of gold, you can give him an ecstatic joy by presenting a personalized golf ball clock. You can get these types of clocks tailor-made, making it stand on a tee-style and engraving his name on it. Your granddad would enthusiastically display it on the desk. ?

Hand-painted Pillows:

If your nanny is a fun loving person, you can make her day by giving some hand-painted pillows saying, “I am not 80, I am just 16 with 64 years of experience”. You can imagine how much fun she would love seeing the thing.

Football Program:

If your granddad is a football freak, you can give him a personalized football program, which would definitely have to be from his favorite teams. These things will not cost you a fortune but would definitely bring a million dollar smile on your grandparent’s face.

Birthday Gift Basket:

You can give your grandparents or senior parents a wonderful birthday gift basket, containing his/her favorite goodies. You can include chocolates, frozen desserts, cookies, chocolate bon bons, gourmet coffee, peanuts, caramels, strawberry, olive, and such other favorite fruits. You can place a bottle of champagne in the middle and wrap the basket with cellophane. You can then tie a red or golden ribbon in the middle and attach a handwritten note. You can be sure of creating magic in the person’s mind with this awesome gift.

Most of the times it becomes rather difficult, to express the untold love and emotions you have for your parents, nanny or grandparents. You can never repay all the love, care and blessings they have bestowed on you. Nevertheless, these are the people closest to your heart and no matter how far you are, how failure or successful you become in the professional life, you will always remain their “a part of the heart” forever. These people deserve something splendid and unique to make the 80th birthday memorable. Along with the gifts, the most important thing they would cherish for the rest of their lifetime is your love, care, affection, and most importantly a little time with them. So, not only on the birthday, try to give them some time, attention and warmth to make the sunshine remain in their lives.

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