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Unusual Gift Ideas For Men

Offering gifts to your near and dear ones is a very common activity and certainly one of the most usual gestures. Strange as it might seem, though the

act of gifting is considered one of the common activities you certainly cannot deny the amount of confusion that is related with gifts. Well, the reason is very simple. While shopping for a gift it is a common wish to go in for the best and hunting for that best gift certainly makes your world go topsy-turvy. While it is a surveyed fact that gifting women is certainly much easier than gifting a man, the situation is not that bad with the markets being flooded with some of the unusual gift ideas for men that cater to all age groups. Also for those who have been presenting the same items almost on a regular basis can definitely try for some unusual gift ideas for men for a change. You never know it might also make a difference by cementing your relationship with your man, if it is already on the rocks!

Considering purchasing items that fall under the category of unusual gift ideas for men can be the most daunting task. This is true particularly if the person concerned has particular likes and dislikes that need to be kept in mind at the time of purchase.

Unusual Gift Ideas for Men

Some of the most unusual gift ideas for men are as follows:

Electronic Gadgets:

Men are generally passionate about gadgets. Any electronic gadget catches their attention very fast. Therefore, you can make your man happy by gifting any electronic gadgets, like cell phones or portable DVD players. Like most men, your hubby or boyfriend must also love watching action movies or games. Wherever he travels for work, he can carry your gift with him and enjoy. He can even take this DVD player while on a fishing or camping outing. This unusual gift would surely touch your beloved’s heart. Considering a cell phone as a gift would also be a nice idea. How far he might be from the city, you can always reach him through this awesome gift. If you can stretch your budget a little more, things like portable drills, ipads, flat screen television sets, GPS navigator also make awesome unusual gifts. Your tech savvy guy would surely love these gifts.


Like the female gender, most men also look the best and smartest. You can augment the physical beauty of the special man in your life by presenting him with some elegant and stylish jewelry pieces. You can get sterling silver made tiepins or cuff links from many online stores. You can also go for a bracelet and engrave his name on it. He would love to wear these things while going to work and dining out with you. These jewelry pieces would certainly make him more handsome and poised and many heads will turn around when he will pass by.


A good quality watch speaks of the elegance of a man. You can make your special man look elegant, dignified, handsome and classy by giving him a watch from a reputed brand. You do not have to spend a fortune on this gift and burn a hole in your purse. Nowadays, many online dealers offer such watches at quite reasonable prices. Some dealers also offer attractive discounts on these. You can buy a watch for him and even get it customized by engraving his name at the bottom. He would love to wear this priceless gift from you.


When your man takes you out for a romantic dinner, don’t you want him to look his best and smell the sweetest and manliest? Then, why not gifting him with a cologne and make him smell as per your preference? You can get a lot of reputed brands offering cologne. You can choose the one you would like your man to smell and present the cologne bottle along with a long stemmed rose.

Car Accessories:

All men are just fanatic and passionate about cars. The only thing that would catch his attention other than you is definitely his car. You can be a part of his enthusiasm by presenting him with some cool and trendy car accessories. You need to spend a lot of dollars on this, but be a bit thoughtful. You need to consider the color, size and model of his car before buying such things. You can buy floor mats, neck rest, dashboard dolls, even steering cover to augment the beauty of his car. He would love you more for the time and thought you have spent in buying such gifts.

Body Building Weights:

If you would like to see your man looking real macho this season, why not considering gifting some body building weights. If your man is very lazy and is not a regular exerciser type, you should consider buying the lighter dumbbells. However, if he is a regular health conscious person, you can go for some more heavy weight gifts. You can ask the shop sales representative and take his advice in buying the gift. It would be best if your man accompanies you and makes the task easier by choosing the weights himself.

Leather Goods: Leather made goods always speak of elegance, style and dignity. You can make your special person look smarter and more handsome by giving him some leather made goods. You can try for leather belts, boots, wallets and even jackets. Whenever your man will accompany you to any party or discotheque, all eyes will turn toward you two. With these gifts, be prepared to hear a lot of oohs and aahs from the female passers-by. Your special man would also love you more for making himself so irresistible.?

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