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Anniversary Gift Ideas For Men

Are you worried over what to give the special man in your life on his anniversary?

Whether the man is your husband, father, neighbor, brother or friend, these unique anniversary gift ideas for men would be the best ones for him. Before choosing the gift, you should think of the person’s likes and dislikes. If the gift is for a distant relative or a neighbor whom you don’t know that close, you can either consult his spouse or go for some “safe common” gifts that men usually like. If the man is a newly married one or have shifted recently, you can ask him directly the things he might need badly.

Some of the best men anniversary gift ideas are as follows:

Romantic Gift Basket:

If your husband is a romantic you can excite him even more by giving a basket full of items like assorted chocolates of his favorite brand, frozen dessert, a nice smelling cologne, a spa voucher, a bottle of expensive wine, tickets to a local drive-in theater, sensual massage crème, and such other things. Your husband will remember the courtship days on receiving these gifts. Even if your hubby is not a romantic one, these gifts will give him a chance to learn many things. You will be returned the favor in a sensual and romantic way.

Sports Gifts:

If your hubby is fond of sports like golf, baseball, basketball, mountaineering or skiing- monogrammed golf club, balls, baseball gloves, and such other things would definitely make him happy. You can also buy him a subscription to his favorite magazine. You can also think of giving a season pass ticket to his favorite team’s games. Your hubby will definitely appreciate the thought and care behind such gifts. You can also go out to watch a match together and rejoice in the team’s triumph.

Hobby-Related Gifts:

Whether the anniversary gift is for your hubby, friend or husband, you can give him something on his hobby. If he is an avid reader, you can give him some newly released books; if he is fond of music, you can give some DVDs or CDs. Again, if he fond of any other thing you can buy him a present related to that field. He will surely appreciate the thoughts and affection you have spent in choosing such gifts.

Handmade Gifts :

Anybody can buy a gift, but making a gift by yourself means much love and care involved. The only things you need are- a heart full of love for the person, a whole lot of time, and some necessary things. But, whatever time or energy you have spent in making the gift will surely be rewarded once you see the happy glow in the recipient’s face. You can make handmade jewelry, keepsakes, candles, cake, chocolates, cookies, scrapbook full of photos, fruit basket, cards, a scarf, sweater, socks, and such other things.


You can buy nice clothing items like shirt, trousers, jackets, and such other things from reputed brands. Other than regular departmental stores, you can also get these things from online retailers. You can get stylish, trendy and elegant looking clothing items at affordable prices. These clothes will surely augment the physical beauty of the person and make him talk-of-the-town. The clothes chosen should complement the style and taste of the man. He will surely love to flaunt these clothes and make many heads turn around.


A stylish man is known by his shoes. You can make the person look more poised and dignified by presenting him with some designer shoes. You can get these shoes at a discounted price from any online store. The shoes are available in a wide range of style, size, designs, and colors. You should choose the one that would best complement the style of the recipient. If the man is fond of adventurous activities like hiking or trekking, you can also think of getting such shoes for him. These shoes give utmost comfort to the wearer and let him walk for miles without feeling any pain. If the gift is for your friend or brother, who lives in such a place where rain is very frequent, you can think of gifting a pair of wellington boots as well.

Jewelry :

Like women, men also like to flaunt themselves and steal admiring glances from the fairer sex. You can make him happy by giving some unique designer jewelry pieces like cuff links, bracelets, tiepins, and so on. These are available in sterling silver and other such elegant metals. You can also engrave their names on the bracelet or initials on cuff links. These types of gifts would surely make them look more handsome and smart. They can wear these while in a hangout or during any office party as well.

Electronic Gadgets:

Men are generally gadget and gizmo freak. You can make him more pleased by presenting him with the latest cell phone, iPod, games, ipad, ThinkPad, digital eBook reader, mobile scanner, small mobile QR code reader, and such other things. They will become ecstatic with these kinds of gifts and love you more for your kind thoughts.

Car Accessories:

A car is the second wife to a man. There is hardly any man on earth who is not crazy over his car. You can boost up his love by presenting him with some cool car accessories. These can be a hula doll for the dashboard, a freshener, funky steering cover, floor mats, wheel LED lights, and such other things.

Getaway Package:

If the anniversary gift is for your husband, brother or dad, you can give them a break from the daily hectic life and arrange for some getaway to any nearby locale. A trip to some exotic location will create a new romance in their minds and bring them closer to you. If this is for your hubby, you will also be benefitted from it. Imagine taking a walk on a long, white sandy beach with a star-filled sky above you, holding your husband’s hands, and he is whispering words of love in your petal soft ears. If your budget is a bit tight, you can arrange for some recreational activities together in your town. These can include going for a long walk, cycling along the road, taking a hiking or trekking trip. These recreational activities will not cost you much but surely bring you closer to each other.

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