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Return Gift Ideas For Kids

The concept of return gifts on various occasions is quite popular in many societies. There are various interesting gifts ideas for different occasions including return gift ideas for Kid's birthday parties. During birthday celebrations of kids, the usual guests include children from the neighborhood, school friends and same age cousins.
Birthdays are always special particularly for kids who look forward to it with great expectations of lots of fun and merrymaking. Birthdays for kids means a big delicious chocolate cake, lots of gifts, music and dance.

Return Gift Ideas for Kid's Birthday Party

While finding return gift ideas for Kid's birthday parties you have to keep in mind the age of the guests. You can come up with a wide range of return gift ideas for Kid's birthday parties from various gift stores and magazines. There are plenty of return gift ideas for Kid's birthday parties to choose from

Return gift ideas for Kid's birthday parties can include a wide variety of goodies and presents. The popular return gift ideas for Kid's birthday parties are bat, ball, toy sets, battery operated cars, dolls, gift mugs, pencil cases, and various other items that might please little children. You can also include chocolates and streamers with the return gifts for kid's birthday parties.

Story Books

If your kid is between 2-9 years of age then story books can be a good return gift ideas. Try to give story books full of pictures to younger kids and for elder ones you can buy the story books that are easy to read and comprehend.


Kids just love to play with blocks. So blocks can be a good return gift ideas if your kid of of 2-4 years of age. You can buy either small or large pack of blocks. Playing with blocks increases their hand and mind coordination power. They learn how to make different things with blocks so their imaginative power also increases to an extent with blocks.


Kids love some accessories like keychains, bookmarks, caps, belts, fancy tags for bags, sticker to paste on bags or books. Just ponder your love with these return gifts for kids. These are also low budget gift ideas for kids.

Stationery Gift Items

Kid of any needs the stationery items. As a return gift you can give them gel pens, pencil set, complete stationery kit, stencils, small bag filled with pencils, erasers, stickers.


There is a great connection between kids and colors so you can give colors as a return gift for kids. You can also give sketching books, water colors and so many other interesting items.

Sport Item

Some kids may like to paint and draw while other may be a lot more active and inclined towards sports. For them the variety of return gift ideas for Kid's birthday parties could include cricket or base ball bats, basket ball.


No wonder that toys can be the best return gift for kids. Find age specific toys for the kids. If the age of kid is between 1-3 years then you can also give them stuffed toys and girls just love stuffed toys no matter how old they are.

Craft Item

You can find some this related to craft but this type of kids' return gift is more suitable for girls than boys. Beads, wooden car building set come in this category. Also you can present both boys and girls something that they can keep on their study tables like – pen stand, mini-clay pot with a pack of seeds, photo frame, cartoon shaped desk / alarm clock.

Playing Dough and Mold

Find clay or playing dough and give this as a return gift to kids.

Chocolate Hampers

If you are not able to decide on anything and looking for something not very expensive then present kids and children the chocolate hampers

Some of the best return gift for Kid's birthday parties which children simply love are chocolate hampers, gift baskets and puzzle games. Hence you can pamper them with lots of gifts and chocolates. Some of the other occasions include birthdays, New Years Day, Halloween,Diwali, Christmas, and Eid. So find the best gift ideas for kids on various occasions and bring joy and sunshine into their lives.

Check out More Unique Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Kids

Return Gift Ideas for Boys


Pokemon toys

Ffancy whistles

A bubble maker

Return Gift Ideas for Girls


Kitchen set

Jewelery making kit

Fancy bracelets,



Ffancy mirror

Fancy handbags

Popular Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Kids

Cartoon figurine

Alphabet/numbers for small kids

Piggy banks

Crazy glitter

Straws sand pail and shovel jigsaw puzzle

Coloring book

Innovative Birthday Return Gift Ideas for Kids

Take pictures of each kid while playing and enjoying the party with poloroid camera. Before hand buy the required number of photo frames. Present kid with his or her picture in photo frame. Isn't it a great return gift idea for kids. Along with all these gifts do not forget to give a 'Thank You' note & candy. Keep gifting with

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