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New Year's Day Gift Ideas For Husband

Do you want to present some special gift to your husband on the New Year's Eve? Presenting a fabulous gift to your beloved husband is the best way to surprise him after all the years of marriage.

New Year's Eve is a time when you can renew your love by giving him a wonderful gift. The beginning of a new year is the most auspicious time to give him some amazing gifts. This page will give you some idea about New Year's Day gift ideas for husband. You have gift ideas for different occasions for your husband, but this year surprise your husband with some special gift.

Are you finding it hard to decide the perfect gift for the most special man in your life? These New Year gift ideas for husband would certainly let him know about your love and affection for him and bring you closer to each other.

New Year’s Day Gift Ideas for Husband

Some of the best New Year gifts for husband are as follows:

Grooming Gears:

Do you want to transform your hubby from being a “stinky ape” to an odorous Adonis? Then the best way for that is to gift him with a grooming kit. These grooming gears come with all the essential things to make your hubby look smarter and stylish. The grooming kit consists of shaving crème, eau de toilette, hair gel, after-shave lotion, shaving gel, deodorant, and such other things. These things will not only make him look more handsome and stylish but also make it hard for you to resist his appeal.

Towels and Bathrobes:

You can pamper the special man in your life by pampering him with a set of lavish towels and bathrobes. You can be surprised to see how he happy he is and the long hours he starts to spend in the bathtub every day. Getting these plush gifts, he will also start paying more attention to his sanitation needs. If your husband loves to lounge around the house in bathrobe, this gift would certainly bring him immense pleasure.

Magazine Subscriptions:

If your hubby is fond of sports or any kind of magazine, you can save his energy of going to the magazine stand every week/month by gifting him with magazine subscriptions. Your hubby does not have to walk to the magazine stand on a rainy day or a freezing snowy morning to get hold of his copy of the favorite magazine anymore. Your gift of magazine subscription will bring each copy of his favorite journal delivered to the house, thus making him very happy.

Gift Cards:

You can let your hubby enjoy in his own way by gifting him with gift cards to local sports stores, movie rental shops, coffee shops, electronic stores, book store, and such other various places. Your husband would certainly be excited to receive these kinds of gifts and appreciate the thought and feeling you have for him.

Sports Ticket:

Like every other man, your hubby must also be a sports fanatic. So, you can make his day this New Year by gifting him with tickets to his favorite team’s matches. This gift will let him know that you are aware of his interests and bring him closer to you.


This nice gift would make a nice gift for your husband and make him appreciate time even more. You can get a stylish and elegant looking watch that matches his personality, style and taste. You can buy a watch that comes with several time zones and other complicated settings. If your man is a gadget freak he would feel an ecstatic joy on receiving this gift. You can set the alarm to go off at New Year midnight and hide it under his pillow. Imagine his happy surprise on receiving such an exclusive gift!

Gym Membership:

If you want your hubby to look ever young and handsome like your dating days, you can gift him with a gym membership. This will help your hubby to stay in shape and remain healthy. Don’t be jealous when your hubby gets admiring glances from the young ladies on the street; rather feel proud that you have transformed him into this handsome, irresistible man. Your hubby would also appreciate your thought and together you can make fun of these “stares” and have a great time together.

Business Card Case:

If your husband has to travel a lot and pass out his business cards to a large number of clients, then you can gift him with a stylish and elegant looking business card case. This case would put him a step ahead and make a lasting impression on the existing and potential clients.

Premium Liquor:

There is hardly any man who doesn’t like to booze quality liquor. You can gift your hubby a premium bottle of fine liquor this New Year. He will be glad to receive this gift and drink a toast to a long and happy married life with you.


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