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There may have been innumerable times, when you must have ended scratching your head for that perfect gift idea. If you do not wish to go for regular gift

ideas, then try for the Sugilite gift ideas. Sugilite is a rare gemstone which is also used while creating exquisite ornaments or even jewelry collection. Gifting is an art and an innovating gift idea can certainly make a lot of difference and add an extra charm. Considering Sugilite gift ideas, you can definitely help yourself and also improve on your creative talent if you think you have any. The brilliance of Sugilite may not match that of a diamond, still you simply cannot escape from its charm for sure. Sugilite can be good gift option for many, the simple reason being its uniqueness. Known under the trade names of "Royal Lavulite" and "Royal Azel", Sugilite is indeed very popular as a gift idea.

Before embarking on Sugilite gift ideas, know some of the interesting knowhow related with Sugilite. Records show that the firs appearance of the mineral Sugilite actually took place on the Iwagi Islet in Southwest Japan in 1944. The discovery was made by Professor Kenichi Sugi and Mr. Kutsuna.

The color of the first variety which was discovered showed traces minute grains along with being light brownish yellow in color. The next occurrence took place around the year 1955. Around that time, Sugilite was actually found as a single dark red ore specimen having pink crystals right across the surface of the stone. One other interesting aspect is that, when this particular gemstone was discovered, it was not known or identified as Sugilite. The name came in much later in the 1975, when the third most important occurrence took place in the Southern Khalahari desert near Hotazel, South Africa. The years that followed on saw the siphoning of Sugilite from the ore areas.

Sugilite is mostly used in the creation of rings. So you can be sure that Sugilite forms an important element in jewelry construction. You can opt for different shapes and sizes of Sugilite gemstone. There are ovals, triangles, rounds and even miscellaneous forms that the stone is cut into. Sugilite is best for rings however its use is not restricted only to rings but we can see the use even in necklaces and bracelets as well. informs about Sugilite Gift Ideas, for discovering more on the diversity of gifts, do consider flipping through the other pages of the site. You never know what might catch your attention!

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