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Spinels basically belong to the category of minerals having a general formulation of Magnesium Aluminum Oxide or Magnesium Aluminate.

There are several types of Spinel found simply on the basis of composition. Now if you are wondering as to how Spinel can be considered as a perfect gift solution then, you need to research on these amazing gemstones which have a lingering effect on your mind. So, Spinel gift ideas are anytime better than regular gift items. The unique properties of Spinel have definitely contributed to its acceptance as one of the major gift ideas. The unusual charm related with Spinel gift ideas has that inexplicit ability to enchant and surprise any person for that matter.

Among the interesting factual records linked with Spinel, it may be said, true Spinel was discovered in the gemstone containing gravel of Sri Lanka and even in limestone deposits in Burma and Thailand.

Most people misunderstand Spinel for the simple reason that some years back, synthetic white Spinel was considered and also used as a major cheap jewelery. So much was the craze that even these Spinels became known as the eternity rings and were a rage as a substitute for diamond. It was from that time that Spinel gift ideas came in the picture and was also widely accepted all over the world. The origin of Spinel is still shrouded in mystery and the history can be traced back to Latin spina, which means a thorn, or from the Greek word which means a spark.

It needs to be mentioned that Spinel is not a synthetic stone. It is actually real, natural, attractive and certainly a rare gemstone in its own right. Spinel occurs in different and attractive colors. Some of the possible Spinel colors are red, rose, orange, brown, pink, yellow, blue, violet, purple, mauve, green, and black. Considered a durable gemstone, Spinel can be also used for making rings for the purpose of gifting. Since Spinel awareness is less as compare to other gemstones, not much appreciation is seen. Some of the Spinel specimens are very attractive. This particular gemstone is very rare and therefore very expensive especially the large sizes. Going by its uniqueness, you will definitely wish to gift items comprising of Spinel and make the gift a special one for that special someone. informs about Spinel Gift Ideas, if you wish to discover other diverse options ranging in the world of gifts, do consider flipping through the other pages of the site. Surely you will find interesting stuff !

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