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Obsidian Gift Ideas

A gift, whether it is a happy surprise or one that is expected, always brings a smile on the face of the receiver. A great way to recollect a special occasion,

or show your adoration for the special individual, there are a galore of gifts that you an buy for any of your dear ones. In fact, take a look at our comprehensive guide to know about the latest Obsidian Gift Ideas. An unique variant of precious gemstones, Obsidian is actually a kind of granitic glass, usually dark in color and transparent in its texture. A great material for making artifacts, showpieces or other wonderful collectibles, Obsidian Gift Ideas could indeed be a stand alone gift item. Since, these gifts made of Obsidian material are not so readily available in the market, you need to visit the good gem stores or even look for the popular online shopping sites for taking a pick of such gifts.

Buying Obsidian Gifts: There must be some good handicrafts store in your city, which would be selling artifices made of Obsidian. Owing to its dark grayish transparent texture, these Obsidian gifts are good to look at. Again since these are little different from the typical glass material, they are not so brittle and fragile to handle. Giving you the splendor of glass goods, gifting Obsidian showpieces could indeed be a good idea. However, these Obsidian Gift Ideas are a little difficult to be fulfilled, owing to the scarcity of shops
selling them.Visit the popular handicraft shops in your city, to shop for some of these collectibles.

You can also find some rare designs carved out of Obsidian, in the art and crafts exhibition or even the artisan's fair. There are also a wide variety of Obsidian Gift Ideas, just perfect for any occasion.

Different types of Obsidian Gift Ideas: Mostly confined to making things like knives or penknives, today you will also find a variety of other artifacts made of Obsidian. Some of the popular Obsidian Gift Ideas would be:

  • Wooden-handled Obsidian knife- A good gift for your young brother or your spouse, the three inch Obsidian Double Edged Knife could also be useful for your use. These Obsidian knives are generally embellished with stones and have a classy varnished and sanded hard wood handle.
  • Obsidian pen-knife/Letter opener- Very good for young students or even for your home, these obsidian gifts are very good stationary items.
  • Obsidian figurines-Used to make wonderful figures of Buddha and other feng shui sculptures.

The prices of Obsidian artifacts or showpieces ranges between 15$ - 200$ approximately.

Take a look at to gather insights on the different types of Gemstones Gift Ideas.

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