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Moonstone Gift Ideas

Want to gift something to your beloved or spouse that will bring love into his/her life? Then the best option for you is to go for Moonstone Gift Ideas, the

gemstone that is believed to instill love into one's life with its milky-white translucency radiating a rainbow luster. You can make your choice from a variety of colors found in moonstone ranging from colorless to gray, white, yellow, brown, orange, pink, blue, or green. Clarity of the moonstone arrays from transparent to translucent. Moonstone, also known as rainbow moonstone for its rainbow sheen, is the most valuable type of feldspar showing a bluish or silvery opalescence. Keep scrolling to collect a list of Moonstone Gift Ideas provided by us for your convenience.

Moonstone, deriving its name from its color, resembling to the iridescence of the moon, is the birthstone of Gemini along with pearls and alexandrite. Moreover, moonstone is also known as the gemstone for the 13th anniversary. So, if you are going to gift any person who is of the Gemini zodiac sign, then Moonstone Gift Ideas will be the perfect ones. Similarly, when you are gifting somebody on his/her 13th anniversary, then also moonstone will be the best gift option. Traditionally, moonstone was very popular amongst the Romans, who believed it was constituted out of moonlight and was largely used in Roman form of jewelries
since 100 AD. Moonstone is considered as a sacred gemstone in India.

Moonstone Jewelry Gift Ideas
If you want to get the best moonstone, then go for the one having a blue sheen with perfect clarity. Moonstones, of all colors and types, are mostly found in jewelries of various types that include pendants, earrings, necklaces, rings, hairpins, bracelets, etc. Since moonstones are worn for getting rid of anxiety and stress, you can gift one to your loved one for making his/her life stress free. Moonstone gift ideas in the jewelry section are available in a variety of attractive shapes ranging from tear drops, oval, round to even triangular and square.

The most common usage of moonstone is in pendants where different colors and shapes, assures to adorn the neck of the wearer in an elegant style. Dangling moonstones in earrings also make great fashion statements, both in modern and traditional way. Moonstone jewelries can also be found where the stone is used in combination to other gemstones and are set in silver or gold.

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