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Malachite Gift Ideas

How about adding a streak of green to the life of your loved ones? Surprised? We are talking about Malachite Gift Ideas that will not only delight the receiver

but will also add vitality to the life of that special person. Malachite is a semi-precious opaque, banded stone, the colors ranging from a very light green to deep shades of green. It is a valuable copper ore - hydrous copper carbonate. The green color of the stone results from the presence of tarnished copper and bronze. Malachite is often used as anniversary gifts, since it is the 13th year anniversary gemstone. Moreover, this gorgeous stone of malachite is also gifted to dear ones to help in the process of body cells regeneration, also giving calm and peace. Go through this page and collect unique Malachite Gift Ideas.

Traditionally, malachite was worn by many as it was believed that the stone can detect impending danger. This stunningly beautiful green stone offers exotic bands of varying hues and many people also believes that it lends extra energy. It is also believed that staring at Malachite or holding it will relax the nervous system and will also calm down stormy emotions. This is the reason why Malachite Gift Ideas are considered to be quite elegant as well as good for health. Furthermore, malachite is used as a children's talisman for warding off illness and danger. We are going to offer you a list of Malachite Gift Ideas of
different types to suit the need and budget of all.

Malachite Jewelry Gift Ideas
Beautifully designed malachite jewelries and ornaments are available in jewelry stores that make superb gift ideas for your beloved, daughter, mother or colleague. Ranging from pendants, rings, and earrings to bracelets, brooches, armlets, and necklaces - there is a wide-array of malachite jewelry gift options. Mostly, the stone is set in a beautifully polished sterling silver setting, sometimes also find in gold setting. The stones are found commonly in round, tear-drop, rectangular, or hexagonal shapes, featuring a smooth and clear faceted overlay of Quartz. The green shine will tempt everyone to gaze at it and witness the beauty of its varying hues.

Other Malachite Gift Ideas
Besides gifting malachite jewelries, you can also go for other types of malachite gift items that include rectangular and hexagonal malachite boxes, depression, or carvings. In the list of malachite carving gift ideas, you can go for the commonly available ones like the spirit bear, large and small bison, praying angel, lion, bird, frog, and many more.

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